Like Trying to Find a Needle in a Haystack


Chris went to New York today for his first actual job interview. He was emailed by a guy who owns a company called Production Glue. The company does large scale production management projects in New York. The emails Chris exchanged did not promise a job, but instead jumped right into salary negotiations and gave him the choice between two different positions. The conversation today was with Chris and the company founder to discuss a start date, salary, details, etc.

SO FRUSTRATING! Nothing was decided. Chris said the conversation went well and he had a good feeling, but no details were given. A salary range was agreed upon, but a figure was not offered. Chris said in a nutshell that the company wanted to hire more staff, they just weren’t sure when to do it – now or at the end of the summer. So Chris has to sit tight for a few weeks while they line their summer work up and decide if they want to bring him on now or later.

I’m trying to be patient and respectful that production, theater, and entertainment run on very different time frames than the corporate world does, but inside I’m thinking, “Just sign a contract and call it a day!!” I know they say New York has limitless possibilities, but sometimes it feels like finding a job there is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.



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2 responses to “Like Trying to Find a Needle in a Haystack

  1. Jackie

    Listen to your Dad. He’s right! Not only would I expect the production company to be thorough, but just like the production companies, Chris will need to carefully assess the companies that are interested in him. They will all come after his talent. He has accomplished a great deal, people have noticed, and he will have great opportunities. Patience.

  2. Dad

    Patience Katharine patience, you have not drug all of us into your world of instant communication and decision making as your blog suggests. I do think that the individuals involved in the production company are very wise to have Christopher on the top of thier list as possible employees, I also respect them for taking a little time to evaluate each applicant in retrospect after an interview. You must also remember that your job search has not been exactly like a needle in a haystack, Chris has had a lot of attention since he has made himself available for interviews, be patient Chris is goig to do very well.