It’s Almost That Time…

Last night Chris and I had a few friends over for Game Night. Traditionally, I have always been against any kind of “couples themed” get-togethers. While I love my husband, I hate it when people lump us together just because we are married. Invite us over because you like us, not because we’re a matching set. We do have lots of friends that are married or living together, but I’d say we have just as many friends who are single and fantastic and when we have people over or we go out, we try to get a healthy mix of both.

Last night though we gave in to the “matching set” scenario out of necessity – couples just make games easier to play! I’m sorry, Single People! We had our two friends Lisa and Justin over. If there were such thing as twin relationships, then these guys would be our twins. Although, I think they’d be the cooler, more popular twin. We had our friends Amy and Chris over, too. We don’t get to hang out with them as much, but there’s nothing like fighting over whether “Really Annoying” is a character trait in a good game of Scattergories to bring you closer. And we had our friend Steve, who was single last night because his wife is out of town. And except for taking too long to pass the Catch Phrase thingy/remote/controller he was a lot of fun!

As the night got later and later and the beers flowed, I have to admit that I got a little sentimental. For three years, these guys have been My People! When Chris brought home that 500 pound card catalog from the Yale library, we called them to help us move it. When we had too much to drink and missed our train home from New York, we called them to let our dogs out. When we couldn’t afford to fly home for Thanksgiving or Easter, we called them to bake a ham and stuff a turkey with us. To say I’m going to be sad to see everyone move away after graduation is an understatement.

In honor of all our friends here in New Haven, I give you the first Brown Top Five List:



1. Poker night – how else and I going to make my lunch money for the rest of the week?

2. Beers on Friday nights at the theater – although we rarely go anymore, its just a comforting thought to know that its there if we wanted.

3. The TD&P Offspring – you just can’t resist toddlers walking around in Tonka Toolbelts (DISCLAIMER: This does not mean I am ready for a Tonka Toddler myself, Mother.)

4. Boomer McDaniel – Justin and Lisa’s crazy dog who has alleged “aggression issues” walking around parties with his Hannibal Lecter muzzle on. The only person I have seen him have issues with is Steve, and who can blame him? I mean, that’s just a dog’s sixth sense (sorry, Steve…).

5. BBQ’s – there’s no better feeling than seeing two or three pick up trucks pull into our driveway with a couple grills in each one. I don’t think I remember how to have a BBQ with only one grill anymore!

As much as I am going to miss these things and, especially, these great people, there’s no time for sadness! We’ve got 2 and a half months left! Break out the boxed red wine and fire up the grills! I think I’ve still got a few “dancing on the bar” nights left in me…

Chris, Justin, and Steve at Sea Shanties in Essex

Chris, Justin, and Steve at Sea Shanties in Essex


Lisa with the claymation Beaver during an intense game of Cranium (*Note the flat beaver-like tail…)


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  1. Jess

    Poor single Steve! He does look kinda mountain mannish w/out his “loving” wife to nag at how he looks “like his father!” Aww, sounds like that was a fun night 🙂