Mini Bar Maddness

Sometimes when I do something that my parents would never let me do when I was a kid, I giggle to myself. You know, like when I buy sugared cereal or a candy bar in the check out line at the grocery store. Or when I order dessert at a restaurant. Or when I put dirty bowls in the top rack of the dishwasher. This is how I silently rebel against my happy childhood.

The whole idea of staying in a hotel is a silent rebellion for me. Chris and I checked into this great hotel in downtown Houston and I couldn’t help but giggle a little as I handed over my debt card. My parents were camping people. We traveled across the country in a little orange and brown pop-up since I was a baby. Looking back, I’m sure they could have afford a hotel, but they just loved to camp and I’m glad they did because there’s nothing better than a campground full of firepits, marshmellows, and bug spray. Even today one of my favorite sounds in the world is someone walking across gravel.

So staying in a hotel is just a hoot to me. I’ve stayed in plenty and the novelty really should have worn off by now, but I still feel rebellious. And yesterday I took it a step further.

I took a Diet Coke from the mini bar.

My mom is probably reading this right now and gasping in horror. That’s right, Mom. I willingly took an overpriced Diet Coke out of my mini bar and drank it. And even more than that – I didn’t even finish it. I’m just going crazy out here in Texas! Look who I’ve become! But you know what? I LIKE IT!

Who knows what I’m capable of next. Today I may even talk to a stranger…



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2 responses to “Mini Bar Maddness

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  2. Jackie

    Okay, this may be becoming an addiction, but I thought I’d check and see what was up today. I’m so glad you’re part of my family. You can’t make this stuff up. You are too funny. I’m glad to see you are amusing yourself in Texas, letting loose with a Diet Coke and all…have fun, let your hair down, but watch out for the nuts in the mini bar. I can’t wait to read the book. Of course, you know one day there will have to be one. Why else would you major in literature. :0)