Mexican Princess


Today I discovered my inner Mexican Princess.

Chris had to be at the conference all day doing boring theater work things so I took the opportunity to reach out to the Southwestern culture in a way that is universally recognized as unifying: shopping at Macy’s. I didn’t intentionally set out to find my inner Mexican Princess. She just showered upon me like the contents of a busted pinata.

In Connecticut, Ralph Lauren and Anne Klein dominate. Plaids, paisleys, and pastels come in more varieties than you can count, which leads you to believe you are choosing something unique. In Texas, the RL and AK sections of Macy’s were blissfully small, contained in one small corner of one of the five floors of clothes. The rest of the store was filled with more colors and prints than my mind could comprehend. I actually found myself holding three beautiful silk flowing tunics in assorted bright colors when my mom called to say hello. Hearing my Blackberry call out to me snapped me out of my brief and beautiful Hispanic calling and I was forced to admit that I could not actually pull off this look in New England. I put the tunics back and settled for a few brightly colored tailored button down blouses that will look “fresh” with a simple pair of black slacks or khakis.

While I accept that I can’t pull off the beautiful, bright silk pieces of the Latin and Hispanic cultures, I can still dream of my Mexican Princess lifestyle while I’m in Houston. And seeing all these colors has inspired me to add a little more snazz to my own wardrobe.  I mean, black, navy, and beige are great staples in any wardrobe (and a necessity in a New England ensemble), but who can’t appreciate a splash of bright orange or green every now and then?

For two more days in Houston any way, there will be a pale, freckled, redheaded Mexican Princess roaming the streets, dreaming of long, flowing skirts and bright turquoise heels.


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