Camp Killed My Dogs


I think we killed our dogs. As you all know, we had to put our two precious doggies in a kennel for a week while we lived it up in Houston for Chris’ conference. All things considered, the kennel was great. They got to stay together. They had a doggie door in their “suite” that let them go out into a private fenced in yard anytime of day they wanted. They had frozen peanut butter stuffed Kongs. They were in heaven. Chris and I called it Camp. It just sounds more fun than kennel.

When we picked them up, their camp counselors (a.k.a. the vet techs) told us that they had done really well. Molly barked a lot when Lucy went out to have a pedicure (a.k.a. her nails clipped) one day and Lucy had stolen all the pillows and blankets, but other than that they were like little peas and carrots. In fact, when it was time to leave and she went to get the dogs, Lucy had to be shaken out of her blanket where she was burrowed for her morning nap.

They were so happy to see us. Lucy (the little one) used to have a little “piddle problem” whenever she got excited. But she has really outgrown that and doesn’t do it anymore. Yesterday though she would come running up to us, jumping all over, and then she’d stop and turn around to make sure she hadn’t piddled. Then she’d go right back to jumping. She was so darn excited to be home she thought she’d wet her pants! Molly (the big one) was happy, too, but she was happy in the way a potted plant is happy. She basically just needs some sunshine, water, and food and she’s happy anywhere. I don’t even think she noticed we’d been gone.

So we get the dogs home and they immediately go right to their houses (a.k.a. their dog crates). I mean, they didn’t even stop to have their belly rubbed or to sniff our luggages full of dirty laundry. They walked right over to their houses, got in, laid down and they were out. They slept all afternoon and night. It was insane. Chris and I kept throwing little things at them and flicking their ears to make sure they were still alive, but they barely moved. Camp kicked their little doggy butts!


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