Short Legs in a Long Pants World


Riddle me this – how are so many people able to find pants that are the appropriate length for their legs? This just baffles me! Sadly, I was not blessed with long legs or even legs of a normal length. I’m short and sweet, with the majority of my “height” being my torso. Needless to say, shopping for pants is an unpleasant event. I usually just wear skirts.

This morning though I decided to reintroduce myself to the pants-wearing world and dusted off my work pants. Nothing fits! The pants legs are either so long that it looks like I’ve got a train on my slacks or they are so short I look like I’m wearing flood pants in winter. Not. Cool.

As I walked to work this morning I paid particular attention to people’s pants. Surely I could not be the only human with this problem. But to my dismay – everyone else’s pants hit just where they were supposed to! How is this possible?!?!  I just don’t understand.

Where are people finding these magic pants?


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  1. Tailors! They are the saviors of short-legged people. (Not that I have experience with this myself, but it’s what I hear from Sally and her mom.)

    I love that this comes from one of my tallest friends! Thanks, Dana!