Everybody Breathe! The Washing Machine is Fixed!


We didn’t end up calling a repair man to fix our washing machine. Instead, Chris thought he could fix it. I am always hesitant about this solution. Whenever Chris offers to fix something, it usually takes about a week for him to get a plan together in his head. It takes another week and a half for him to gather and/or purchase all the necessary supplies. And then it takes another week or two before he actually has the time to work on the project. So by the time he’s ready to fix something, I have usually already gone out and bought a new one. But this time, he just jumped right on it and low and behold – our washing machine works again! Crisis over (but then, sadly, so are my excuses for not doing laundry…).

IN OTHER NEWS… Molly has started sleeping in Lucy’s house when she takes her naps. The funny thing is that Lucy’s house is made for a tiny dog, and Molly ain’t so tiny. The other night, Molly was sleeping in Lucy’s abode for a few hours between dinner and bedtime.


Then, Lucy decided it was time to go to bed…


And when Molly wouldn’t get out, Lucy got in with her…


At which point Molly got scared because Lucy has a tendency to eat her face off when she gets too close, and Molly moved to her own bed where she pouted for a good 15 minutes before falling asleep…


Lucy wins again!



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One response to “Everybody Breathe! The Washing Machine is Fixed!

  1. SusanL

    Congratulations on getting your washer fixed.

    I found your blog through your link on Pioneer Woman’s blog and I’ve been reading through some of your earlier entries, so I’m going to impose a couple of comments on you 🙂

    My sil is also “short and sweet” w/a longer torso. She has purchased a lot of clothes from a store called Petite Sophisticate. I don’t know if they are local to Memphis, or if they are other areas. Finally, good luck with your searches for a house and employment.

    Thanks for your comments! Glad to know a fellow Pioneer Fan is browsing through my thoughts. I haven’t tried Petite Sophisticate yet. They had them when I lived in the south, but I’ll have to hunt for one up here in Connecticut. Thanks for the thought!