Hot Dogs and French Fries

I thought it was time for an update on our dogs and the little weight loss issue (see Death By Diet). We had people over this weekend and everyone made a comment on how much weight Lucy has lost. We are estimating she’s lost about 3 pounds so far, which is a lot for a little dog. She hasn’t adjusted to the amount of food she gets everyday and is still, however, just as miserable as when she started her diet. She continues to lay beside her empty food bowl and yell at us. Her vet said she should have more energy and be a happier dog once she lost some weight but, alas, this is not the case. She is still hungry all the time, barks at us for no reason, and attacks Molly frequently. Whatever. At least she’s not the only chihuahua in the “medium dog” weight classification chart anymore.

Molly is losing a little weight herself, which the vet said would be nice. She doesn’t mind the diet food and is spending most of her days now avoiding the Lightweight Lucy.

This afternoon Chris had McDonald’s for lunch. You would have thought the dogs were in heat. They rolled around on the floor next to him while he ate, just waiting for something to fall. When he was done, he took two french fries, like he always dones, and made them do tricks for them. It was like the Doggie Olympics in our house.

Before he could even ask them to do anything, they were both running frantically through their repertoire of tricks. The minute he stood up, Lucy lifted her paw in the air and just sat there waiting to give him five. When that didn’t work, she sat down, walked up on her back legs, then sat back down and put the paw up again. All this without Chris saying a word.

Molly was just as bad. Chris stood up with the french fry and she immediately dropped into her army crawl, then she sat, then she laid down, then she played dead, then she sat, then she laid down, then she crawled some more, and finally she gave up and just sat.

Our dogs are such sluts for McDonald’s french fries! With so much activity before even opening his mouth, it was hard to ask them to do anything. Chris ended up just giving them each a french fry and calling it a day. What hot dogs!


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  1. SusanL

    That is too funny 🙂 You need to record that sometime.