Spring Has Sprung!

It is officially Spring. Sam Adam’s Summer Ale is out! Now I’m not a big beer drinker (I’m actually not a big drinker period), but I do love a good cold Summer Ale, and I wait all year to enjoy it. I came home from work and lo’ and behold, Chris had brought a case home. Spring has officially sprung!

Days like today are the reason that I love living in New England. It was 65 degrees, crystal clear blue skies, no wind, no humidity. Just perfect. It was the kind of day that makes you understand the word “frolic.” It was a frolicking day. (NOTE: I am choosing to ignore that I spent 80% of today inside, chained to my desk.)

There are lots of reasons that I love this time of year in New England. First, of course, is the weather. But I also love it because everything starts to bloom. (NOTE: I am choosing to ignore the fact that my allergies are celebrating Spring like the coming of the second Messiah.) We have these two gorgeous trees in our backyard that hang over our back deck. In the fall they turn these amazing shades of orange and bright red. (NOTE: I am choosing to ignore the fact that the vibrant colors last approximately two weeks and then all those gorgeous leaves fall into our backyard where Chris has to rake them all up. I am also ignoring that this usually results in a Fall Fight about how I don’t contribute to the care of the yard.) In the spring though these two trees start to bud with fuzzy pink flowers. I love it. So does Molly.

(My two favorite trees.)

Another thing I love about spring are the outdoor festivals and markets. In downtown New Haven on Wednesdays there is a fresh market with local vendors. You can find fresh veggies, fruits, herbs, flowers – anything that you want. I love it. I take my lunch break and just stroll down the line of stands. Its so funny because the market sits in the middle of the sidewalk in the business section of town, so you have these Suits walking by and buying a bag of green beans on their way to court or the bank. Also this time of year the orchards start to wake up from their winter naps. I can spend hours in the orchard markets, smelling fresh picked fruit and flowers. I even think the hot dog vendors that sit outside the markets feel organic this time of year!

So, it is officially spring for me. (NOTE: I am choosing to ignore that tomorrow it is supposed to be rainy and back down to 50 degrees.) I think I’ll change out of my work clothes and enjoy a beer outside with Chris and the dogs. Cause that’s just what you do on days like this.


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