Pass the Cheese, Please!

Last weekend we had a huge BBQ at our house to celebrate the end of the year with Chris’ classmates. Lots of people. Lots of beer. Lots of meat. Lots of fun.

And apparently, lots of cheese.

Tonight as I was going through our fridge trying to find something for dinner, I came across a 5 lb. bag of shredded cheese that someone left. Let me say that again, a 5 LB. BAG OF SHREDDED CHEESE. Who buys a 5 LB. BAG OF SHREDDED CHEESE?!? And how do you forget about a 5 LB. BAG OF SHREDDED CHEESE???

It is such an obscene amount of cheese that I can’t bring myself to just throw it away, but – honestly – what am I going to do with a 5 LB. BAG OF SHREDDED CHEESE???


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  1. psa37

    This post made me laugh! Fondue is good for using up cheese, and if it’s already grated it will save your arm muscles!