Apple is Ruining My Marriage

I don’t usually post twice in one day because a) I don’t want to overload you with mundane information about my life and b) I usually don’t have that much excitement to blog about. But I just got this email from my husband that said the Apple website has been down for two hours worldwide and this is coincidentally on the same day that Apple is having their huge annual conference. He said there were also “20 full un-marked sea containers shipped last week” (I’m not kidding. These are the emails I get from my husband.) Being the conspiracy theorist and Apple addict that he is, Chris thinks something radical is about to happen in the world of Apple.

In response, I send out the following plea to Macintosh:

Please, for the love of God, quit inventing, releasing, promoting, and otherwise distributing cool products. I may have to divorce my husband if he finds one more completely original product that he declares (yet again) he cannot live without. If you, Apple, do not comply with my plea, I will be forced to send you the invoices for the past three years worth of Apple products we currently own, along with a bill from my divorce attorney.

Thank you,




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10 responses to “Apple is Ruining My Marriage

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  2. ranmon

    I hate Apple products. But I have owned Ipods, Imacs, blah, and more blah. Apple has the right formula that women should take note from in order to keep a man: add a wheel to your product that makes you go faster.

    We love cars (4 wheels) and now the Ipods (1 wheel to make searching faster). Not sure where women would put this wheel…

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  4. Dave Tillman

    Could Chris help me hook up my VCR the next time you come to see us.


  5. noamgr

    Frankly, I don’t understand the point of this thread… are you trying to say this *isn’t* perfectly normal behavior?

    …I don’t judge. ~ Katie

  6. Thanks for the humorous post.

    Thanks for the encouraging comment!! ~ Katie

  7. maleesha

    HA! My husband, a graphic designer, also has an apple fetish. He gets ever-so-smug when those commercials come on. He gets to be the Cool Mac Guy. Guess who gets to play the role of loser PC? Uh huh.

    I love those commercials! I think the little PC guy is too cute! ~ Katie

  8. I am afraid he does not have the “new” iPhone yet.

    I think my wife would understand what you are talking about…I stopped work for 2 hours today to follow the keynote online…ok, I might have a problem.

    Godfather (

    Its the new MoveMe/MobileMe/MiniMe thingy that he wants. (sigh) I knew I wasn’t safe. ~ Katie

  9. Mom Quixote

    Seen this yet?

    Oh thank goodness! He already has an iPhone!! ~ Katie