I Found the Joy!

This morning I am home packing by myself while Chris is at work.  Which explains why I am taking the time out to blog, because no one is here to stop me and say, “Kate!  Get off the computer and help me pick up this enormously large box of your shoes!”  So this morning, I packed up my winter clothes.  I had my first box full and taped up, but when I went to label the box I thought, “Shoot!  Where am I doing to put all my seasonal clothes in our new house?”  And then I found the joy.


No longer do I have to stuff my winter clothes into bins under my bed.  I have a whole extra two rooms with closets for them to go in!  I was so darn excited to write “2nd Bedroom” on that box, I had to take a minute to sing loudly, jump around, and take a picture.

Ah…what a rush!


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  1. Jess

    WOO HOO for spare bedrooms! What a novel concept! Big girl rooms now! 🙂