Hello World!

After 5 days of moving, packing, unpacking, painting, decorating, redecorating, cleaning, complaining, and wallowing in the happiness that is my very first house – I’m baaaack!  As I write this, I am sitting in my very new club chair in my very new living room contemplating on the importance of yellow-green verses olive green paint.  I’m in heaven!  My feet have never hurt so much in my life, but I’m in heaven.  

I haven’t found my camera cable to upload picture to my computer yet, but the minute I do I’ll post pictures of the house.  In lieu of pictures though, let me see if I can describe it to you:  Perfect.  Yep, that just about sums it up.  Perfect.  

We spent Thursday, Friday, and Saturday moving our things from New Haven to Stratford and building a fence in the backyard for the dogs.  The fence is almost finished now, with just a small section missing that Chris has to custom build.  I think it should be done tonight.  Saturday, Sunday, and Monday were spent unpacking boxes, putting things in closets, and trying to get this odd smell out of our finished basement.  Today it was cable, internet (finally!), phone, and furniture delivery.  And we are no where near being finished.  But I don’t care because it is literally a labor of love.  I have never really understood that expression before, but I truly love this house.  I love it.  And so throbbing feet (the only shoes I have been able to find are flip flops – not so great on the ol’ arches when you’re carrying lumber and moving boxes) and funky smells are not even a problem.  

My favorite part so far has been watching Chris.  It’s like this kid was born to be a homeowner.  He looks so natural out in our backyard, sawing and drilling on that big fence.  And at night when he’s showered and I let him sit on the new furniture, he looks so relaxed and happy.  Truly happy.  That is what your first home is for, I guess.  It’s the place where you learn what pride in yourself really is.  One look at Chris and you’re blinded with pride.  Kinda makes me want to, you know, clean a kitchen or something.  

Well, I’m off to cook our very first dinner in our new house.  After days of fast food, I’m not sure I’ll remember what to do with a chicken breast, but I’ll figure it out.  Pictures tomorrow…


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  1. Lina

    Congrats on the home, and surviving moving days!!! I revel in the joy that when Scott and I move in together I get to point and say “that’s not mine” before prancing off 😀

    Perfect is a great description! lol just remember lift with your knees not your back, but your young… your back can handle it 🙂