Musical Chairs

So I have all this beautiful new furniture in my house that the dogs are not allowed on – at all.  The process of getting them to stay off the furniture has been…challenging.  So far, I think they have mastered the idea that they can’t be on the furniture when I’m in the room.  As I’m walking into the living room I often hear a little thud (that would be Lucy) followed by a big thud (that would be Molly) as they jump off the furniture.  I walk into the room and they are both standing there looking at me.  So guilty.  They don’t even try to hide it.

Last night I was sitting on the love seat, dreaming of accent pillows, when Lucy decided to hell with the new rules and jumped right up next to me and laid down.  I pushed her off the couch with my forceful, “OFF!” command.  She immediately walked over to the ottoman and jumped right up on it, like she owned the joint.

“OFF!” I yell again.

She then jumps from the ottoman straight to the club chair, looking at me the whole time like, “What do you think about THAT???”

“OFF!”  I yell, but this time it comes out more in the tone of “What are you doing, you overstuffed chihuahua?!?”

And she immediately jumps from the club chair to our second club chair.

“FREAKING GET OFF MY FURNITURE, LUCY!”  I yell out (lets pause to reflect what a good parent I will be one day…)

Lucy casually jumps off this chair and on to the floor because she has run out of furniture to jump onto, and she sashays over to her bed and lays day, being sure to sigh as loud as possible as she closes her eyes.

My dogs are rebelling.  If I wasn’t so amused, I’d be really pissed!


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  1. I just got a great visual of this whole episode — this goes back to training them from the beginning. HAHA