(Before I post, I should advise you that I wacked my head pretty hard this morning when I was getting dressed. I was blow drying my hair, which takes world-class hair tossing and in the middle of one spectacular hair toss, I came a bit too close to the door frame of my bathroom. I may or may not have seen visions of the Madonna and Child.)

Today, I am rebelling. While the entire reason for my rebellion is long, complicated, and boring, I’ll sum it up in a nutshell: My ENTIRE office is on a trip right now to China and I am here, in exotic New Haven, holding down the fort. For months I have been assisting with, hearing about, and working around this incredible trip and, while my sour grapes were pretty bitter for a while, I had pretty much made my peace with the fact that I am going no where in my job (literally). Yesterday though was difficult. I worked a 12 hour day to help send off the 100+ students, faculty, and staff and my day of hard work concluded with the buses pulling away with me standing, alone, on the sidewalk waving goodbye. It was awful and I hated every minute of it and somehow smiling through bitterness and jealousy was really difficult.

Anywho, I decided last night over my “Yay! You’re NOT Going to China!” dinner with Chris that I would rebel – slightly. So, today I am wearing my red heels to work. That’s right. Me. Arguably one of the most conservative Southern belles you’ll ever meet wore hooker red heels to work today. In all fairness, I wore them with a completely black and white outfit, so I think that took some of the “What-do-you-want-my-name-to-be” out of it, but STILL! There they are on my feet for God and everyone to see – hooker red shoes.

And I was 15 minutes late to work today. Actually, I tried to be 15 minutes late to work today just out of principle, but traffic was miraculously light and I made it in record time. But I still count this as a rebellion because I had the INTENT to rebel.

And I’m taking a long lunch today. Hooker red shoes. 15 minutes late (theoretically). Long lunch.

And I might leave early. But probably not. Those shoes took a lot out of me.


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  1. I wore my hooker red heels to work today too!! Actually — I wear them often and I had to go on a media tour this morning so I guess I took it to a new level.

    Don’t you just want to click your heels together and go to Oz in them?