Consumer Report

Lately, there have been new products in my life and I feel I should report on these commodities in an effort to contribute to stimulating the economy. And because Oprah recently released her Summer Favorite Things List, which just needs my reply in order to be complete.

So, here we go –

Things Katie Loves Lately:

1. Wasabi Peas – The perfect snack for the dieter whose pallets require more than just wheat germ and soy. I snack on these all day. As an added bonus, they are so freaking hot that they help me drink 8 glasses of water a day! Looks like I’m wearing my healthy pants today.

2. This incredibly cute towel wrap I recently purchased at Target:

I wear it from the time I get out of the shower until about 2 seconds before I walk out the door in the mornings, when I throw on my work clothes. It is so comfy and soft, and keeps me from getting really hot running around the house in actual clothes. And at $14.99 – what a steal!

3. The Beach Party at the Threshold of Hell – This is a movie that Chris’ friends from high school made, sold to National Lampoons, and released in theaters. It is sort of quirky, sort of creepy, sort of bloody, but a hell of a lot of funny! And most important to me is that Chris was the Art Director (I think that means he built the scenery??). It was released on DVD for purchase this week and is also available on Netflicks and Blockerbuster. Woo hoo revenues!

4. iPods – I actually am reporting on my LACK of this product. In a rowdy evening involving woods, stilettos, wine, and my iPod, I have misplaced my music machine and my life is suffering in its absence. My commute to work everyday has been filled with NPR, which makes me a great conversationalist now, but lacks in the “shake your booty” department. I heart my iPod and miss it dearly.

5. Starbucks Vivanno – Its Starbucks new fruit smoothie. As a non-coffee drinker myself (what? you think I need MORE energy?!?), Starbucks has always been a bit intimidating to me. So many options and all of them involving some sort of coffee bean. The only time I actually go in a Starbucks is when I am with a coffee-drinker. The other morning I was in there with the BFF and I ordered a plain lemonade. They had to get a manager to figure out how to key that in the cash register.  It really freaks them out when you order something coffeeless.  But I digress. Now there is something to lure me into the Coffee Kingdom – the chocolate banana Vivanno. Its smooth, its rich, its not bad for you, and its delicious! I’m a fan. Go get 5 of them. You’ll be a fan, too.

So there it is. What’s I’m buying out there. Let me know if you’ve got any favorites that I’m missing out on. I believe in doing my part to stimulate the economy and all that crap…


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  1. Ohhhh, that towel is very cute. Well, crap…come to think of it, there’s no chance it will go all the way around in me for at least 5 months…..