Spawns of My Dog

One thing that Chris and I are still adjusting to in our new house is life with hardwood floors.  More specifically, life with dogs and hardwood floors.  More specifically, life with Molly and hardwood floors.  Molly’s a big dude.  She sprawls all over the house, on the living room floor, the kitchen tile, the fireplace hearth.  And she’s hairy, and sometimes that hair doesn’t always stay on her person.  I used to complain about her hair being everywhere until one day Chris turned to me and appropriately said, “This is what I think every day when I find your red hair all over my t-shirts.”  Its true.  I am a shedder.  Curly red hair is all over our house, so who am I to complain about Molly?  

But hardwood floors change the story a bit.  While my hair can be found on expected places – my bed, in the bathroom, on the back of t-shirts – Molly’s is accumulating in places that no dog hair should ever be.  Like in clumps under the bathroom sink or in piles under the desk downstairs.  Hardwood floors mean that every time she sheds, the hairs are at the will of whatever gust of wind is churned up in the wake of someone walking by, blowing them into the netherregions of our home. 

I feel like all I do is pick up Molly’s hair.  Big clumps of it.  Its like there are a million small puppies chilling by our baseboards.  I know what you’re thinking.  “Ever heard of a broom, Katie???”  But brooms don’t seem to do much except push it around.  And my Swifer (a.k.a. God’s Gift to Hardwood Floor Homeowners) just makes it wet and then pushes it around.    

Is this gross?  Maybe this is gross.  Maybe I shouldn’t blog about this.  Maybe Chris is right – some things I should just keep to myself.  

But I can’t help it.  These are the things that consume my day.



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6 responses to “Spawns of My Dog

  1. Kristin

    We recently acquired an iroomba . It’s like pure magic. I don’t even have to do anything (except turn it on), which gives me more time to play on the internet and play with the “kids.” Ahh.. technology. 🙂

  2. I have the same problem with my cat’s hair and our hard wood/linoleum floors. Sweeping does nothing and Swiffer’s don’t seem to work, so I chase them around with the dust buster.

  3. mkwewer

    Oh yes, the “dog bunnies” as we call them in our house….you can Swifter, sweep, vaccum and…nothing….wait until you lift up a piece of furniture and freak out because it looks like someone skinned a stuffed animal and left it to rot….
    Have the dogs slammed into the walls yet? That’s a good time….

  4. Lina

    Imagine this: Shedding dog, hardwood floors, and a oscillating fan sitting in the floor *shudder* this is what I used to live with. It builds up in corners and I go through with the vacuum sucky hose and *swooop* little puppies begone! Bagless vacuum cleaners make this joke way funnier around here since we show it to the dog and say “We found your long lost cuz, Kid” Some things are better left unsaid lol

  5. preston

    I’m sure Molly has a side to this story, too – I’m a dog and we have sides to ALL stories! My mom bought me primarily because I am the no shedding kind. She tells anyone who asks that on a “per use” basis I’ve more than paid for myself just from what she’s saved in cleaning expenses. Don’t get me wrong – I make my share of messes, but the “fur around the house” issue is nonexistent! Good luck! preston

  6. Sarah Reed

    I recommend the dry swiffer for dog hair on hard floors. And the amount of Bailey hair at our house is enough to drive me INSANE! She gets up from a spot on the carpet and leaves behind enough hair to make Lucy a little jacket. I vacuumed earlier today and I already need to again. It must be black lab shedding season. (sigh)