The (untimely) Death of Our Computer

Oh, my iMac.  How I love her.  She sits in our home office so majestic in her appearance.  So cool.  So white.  So big.  Sadly, she is so broken.  This weekend our hard drive bit the dust.  Chris went to turn on the computer and nothing.  Now, I could choose to blame this on several things.  Like the fact that this happened the morning after Chris installed a new program on our computer, or the fact that Chris keeps enough music on our computer to play continuously for the next 5 years, but I know that in death there is no blame.

And I know that no death is timely, but this death is REALLY untimely.  I am in the last throws of wrestling with my thesis for my masters.  Talk about writer’s block.  Every draft I had was saved on that computer.  Some of the stuff I was working on has been saved to the internet, but the things I was writing have passed into the night like my beloved iMac.  The good news is that she had a great life insurance policy.  We had Apple Care and that pretty much means they can bring her back from the dead without charging us a penny.  We took her lifeless body to the techie people and they said within 10 business days they will have it back to us with a new hard drive.  And we had the time machine thingy, so we should be able to find most of what I had written.  But I think I might have lost a good day’s work.  This figures.  I finally put my procrastinating aside and spend three solid days working on this damn thesis and the next morning my computer has literally eaten my homework.

But what are you going to do?  Me?  I’m going to remember my iMac for everything she gave to me during her life.  Beautiful pictures, an easy to use website, email, videos, file sharing…  Those were the days.  I’ll miss her.  And her brain.



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2 responses to “The (untimely) Death of Our Computer

  1. I don’t know what the deal is with Mac’s….our I-Book just decided to die one day. The motherboard completely crashed, which also happened to my brother’s Mac. Pissed me off and kinda made me lose faith in Macs.

  2. Lina

    I think my laptop will be following you computer to technology heaven any day now. It can’t handle the pressure of my dependency on it lol

    But teacher! My computer ate my homework! 😀