There’s Been an Accident…

…with my self tanning lotion.

All you need to know is that these guys could be my family.



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6 responses to “There’s Been an Accident…

  1. My Fractured Self

    self tanner is not my friend…I’m bound to a life of blinding white skin! Scrub it and then use some alcohol…maybe that will work.

  2. Alright, you can’t say that and then not post pictures of the evidence. Haha….. I’ve been buying the Kroger brand, which is WAY cheaper than the Jergens, and it works much better and doesn’t look orangey (ok, maybe a tiny bit around the toes, but that’s it.)

  3. HAHAHAHA — you’re an idiot.

  4. writeableramblings

    i have used self tanner. it wears off in about a week..if that helps ya. 🙂

  5. You can always over compensate by wearing a black dress… it might take it down a notch

  6. LOL poor thing. I’m sure there must be some home remedy that can help you out.