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BONUS POSTING! (a.k.a. I’m Bored Posting)

So, I found this great list over a Dead Charming and I thought it might be fun to answer because, well, the whole thing is about me! And I love talking about me! And it will help you get to know me so you’re not reading about the life of a complete stranger…

I am: married to my best fried.

I think: happiness is a decision. So is marriage.

I know: I will always giggle when someone says penis. (I’m giggling now.)

I have: an entire closet full of purses. Don’t judge.

I wish: I liked avocados.

I hate: pessimism.

I miss: my family. And the beach.

I fear: failure and large crowds.

I hear: what I want to hear.

I smell: my parents house when I cook dinner.

I crave: sushi and feet rubs.

I search: for socks that get lost in the laundry.

I wonder: if washing machines can eat socks.

I regret: nothing. Ever. What a waste of time.

I love: my dogs and nacho cheese equally.

I ache: for people who spend holidays alone.

I am not: very sympathetic. I wish I were.

I believe: that God invented laundry to make me stronger.

I dance: after a few margaritas.

I sing: until Chris tells me to be quiet.

I cry: more from happiness than from sadness.

I fight: the urge to quit my job on a daily basis. But I always go back.

I lose: my keys to my office at least once a week. I think its Freudian.

I win: nothing. Ever.

I never: expected life to turn out like this, but I’m so happy it did.

I always: thought I’d kill Chris before I’d marry him.

I confuse: east and west a lot.

I listen: even when it seems like I’m not.

I am scared: in the shower, so I leave the curtain open a little bit. Damn Psycho movie.

I need: dinner with friends every so often.

I am happy about: The Office returning in September.

I can usually be found: wherever Chris is.



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2 responses to “In a Nutshell

  1. Very very cool Katie… I get to know you better and I love your positive vibes 😀

  2. A fellow Office lover! I knew I liked your sense of humor for some reason.