Approving the Latest Catch

As you know, my sister brought her new boy toy down to Florida to meet my parents this past weekend.  I went home to visit, too.  My sister told me that my job was to distract my parents.  I’m proud to say though that everyone was on their best behavior, and Gin’s boyfriend held up surprisingly well.  He was nice, funny, talkative (but not annoying), and actually seemed to (GASP!) enjoy my family.  More important than any of this though, my sister seemed comfortable around him.  Overall, he got the family’s seal of approval.

There are the love birds in the pro shop.  I was impressed that he held his own with my dad on the golf course.  He kept up when he played, and even took my dad’s pointers all in stride.  Of course, the beer coolers strapped to the side of the golf cart may have helped this…

This is what I spent my time doing…  Impressive, I know.

That’s me and my dad on the golf course.  We played Sunday morning with his golf group, and my dad and I actually won.  I walked away $6.00 richer.  They play for high stakes down there.

That’s me and my mom.  We equalled one real golfer.  And she made me laugh until I almosted peed my pants.  Luckily, in the Villages I would have been in good company.

Look how good he looks.  He doesn’t look scared, and you can hardly tell he is crying from stress in this picture, can you?

And he can drink my sister under the table.  (Actually, she is faking.  We aren’t really sure they put alcohol in this drink.  It tasted like kool-aide.)

So, there you have it.  Evidence that the guy hung in there, stuck it out, and maybe even enjoyed himself.  As a bonus, I hear they were still even speaking to each other after this weekend, so that’s a plus.

My family is a close knit group.  We have a loud, obnoxious sense of humor, and we don’t let just anyone in to see us at our rawest, but I think this weekend we actually did.  And it was nice.  He was nice.  And my sister was happy.  And anyone who can make my sister happy deserves my respect and a big, cold beer!



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3 responses to “Approving the Latest Catch

  1. I found your site through Emily and just thought I’d say hello and not be a lurker 🙂

    The drinks that taste like kool-aid are the ones that usually DO put you down for the count! The better it tastes the more you drink, right?

  2. He looks like a golfer so I’m not surprised he fit in so well. Glad you guys had fun and you didn’t pee your pants!

  3. haha my younger sisters newest boyfriend just came to the beach with us..i think he was little tired from being stressed, but he did great as well. he also had four other guys there (my husband, brother, brother in law, and other sisters bf) to help him feel like just one of the guys.
    its fun to be the big sister doing the approval!

    im glad he did well!