Worth a Thousand Words

Tonight we had a roast for dinner.  A big roast.  Enough roast for both of us to eat tonight and take for lunch for two days.  It was a beautiful roast.  Chris cooked it with carrots and potatoes and celery, basted it with luuuve, and then sliced it up for dinner.  We fixed our plates and went to eat in the basement (where we eat like animals while we watch Everybody Loves Raymond).

About a half hour later, I take my plate upstairs and there is the plate with the sliced roast – but its empty.  Nothing’s there.

Empty roast plate

Empty roast plate

I come back downstairs, laughing.

“Oh my gosh, Chris.  Were you hungry, honey?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, you ate that whole roast.”

“What roast?”

“That 5 pound roast that was on the counter.”

“I didn’t eat that.  I had two little slices.”


So we kind of exchange looks like we’re crazy and the go back up to the kitchen together to investigate.  And this is what we find:

Bad Molly

Bad Molly

Our 70 pound lab ate a 5 pound roast.  And then she got her hiney spanked.



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5 responses to “Worth a Thousand Words

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  2. ranmon

    My Fiancee and I feel for Chris’ loss (which was one dog’s gain). No one should have to eat taters without meat. No one.

  3. What a little varmant!

  4. Chris

    My lunch would be SOOO much better right now if I had that roast. I’m stuck eating potatoes, carrots, and celery….damn dog!!

  5. haha WOW that is a lot of roast for a dog to scarf down! You know after you spanked her she was thinking “totally worth it”