Are You There, American Express? Its Me, Katie.

Yesterday I made the big girl decision to change my financial feeding frenzy by living by the 10 Commandments of Finanical Happiness.  Commandment #1 read:  Thou shall quit using thy American Express card “for the SkyMiles.”

What a great plan!  That is, until I got home and saw my mail.  There in the mix of Bed, Bath, and Beyond coupons and pizza delivery ads was an unholy sight.  An American Express envelope.  How I dread them.  I poured myself a gallon jug glass of wine and ripped into the envelope with my monogrammed letter opener.  And what did I find???  A notice that American Express wanted to thank me for all of my financial irresponsibility business by giving me a companion airfare ticket FOR FREE.  That’s right.  On the very day that I vow to turn away from the dangerous lure of SkyMiles, I am rewarded for my SkyMiles with a free Delta flight.

In response to this, I can only conclude that not only is my AmEx card a hazard to my bank account, but it is now stalking me on the internet.  That is the only logical explanation.  American Express is reading my blog for  just the exact moment when I am vulnerable and then – WHAM! – it hits me with incentives.

I’m being tested.  This is a test.  Or I’m being PUNK’d.  Or AmEx is the devil.  The internet-stalking, evil-incentive-giving, SkyMiles-promising, balance-growing Devil.



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2 responses to “Are You There, American Express? Its Me, Katie.

  1. pictoword

    amex is the devil. stay away evil horror!!!!!

  2. Jess

    OoO OOO come visit us! 🙂 Take a trip out to the wild, wild west….we can take you to see the good ol grand canyon!
    Wow, that is pretty sneaky of them! Pure evil, can you put restrictions on your blog, and make it private like myspace…ha ha ha!