Today, birds are chirping.  Angels are singing.  The sun is shining.  And is that a rainbow, I see?  It could be because….  IT’S PAYDAY!

I don’t know if everyone gets this excited about paydays, or if its just me, but paydays are awesome.  I think this comes from the fact that for three years, Chris and I lived off of one paycheck while we were both in graduate school.  And that one paycheck?  It only came once a month.  But then, miracle of all miracles, Chris graduated and got a job.  And suddenly our income doubled.  And even more exciting, Chris’ company pays him ONCE A WEEK!  HOORAY FOR WEEKLY PAYROLLS!  So every Wednesday, I wake up feeling like everyone is my best friend.  If you want something from me, ask me on a Wednesday.  Chances are I’ll say yes to whatever you want, and then I’ll take you out for an expensive lunch.  And then we’ll go get our nails done.  And then we’ll fill up our gas tank.  And we may cap off our day by going grocery shopping.

Wednesdays are a stark contrast to Tuesdays (and on some bad weeks, Mondays, too).  On Tuesdays, I am poor.  Our weekly allowance we give ourselves is usually gone, and we sit in our house, scared to move because it might cost us money.  Then Wednesday mornings roll around and – BAM! – we’re back in action!

This past week, we were really good with our money because we followed our 10 Commandments for Financial Happiness.  But on Sunday, we found a piece of art for our living room and we bought it.  That left us with exactly $1.15 in our checking account.  Until payday.  We decided instead of moving money out of our savings account to boost our dangerously low balance of $1.15, we would try to ride it out for 2 days and not spend anything.  For two days, my checking account balance said $1.15.  For the record, you can’t buy much with $1.15.  And for the record, my fat free chocolate muffin fron Au Bon Pan is $2.56.

But today is Wednesday!  Again!  Its so darn exciting!  And I swear, every week I forget that we are going to get paid, so every Wednesday is like Christmas morning.  Its like when you’re playing Monopoly and your husband and sister are taking over your properties and you’ve mortaged everything you own and your own mother is demanding you to pay an outrageous rent on Charleston Place and you’re just about to quit when – (cue angelic music) – you pass GO!

Yeah, its like that.



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5 responses to “Payday

  1. Jackie

    It’s not just you for paydays and it doesn’t matter how old you get. Paydays are always happy days.

  2. 1) please don’t judge pickles and cheese until you try it, because we really would make excellent friends.

    2) happy payday! since i moved to canada and can’t legally work, i haven’t had a payday of my own in months. but tomorrow is my birthday, which means birthday money! i’ve been spending it in my head since july.

  3. I love the picture selection. Makes me think of “Awwwwwwww!!!!!”

  4. Double pay checks oh how I miss thee.

    I feel ya girl. Pay day is the day you can move mountains.

    Unless it’s already spent, then it kind of blows.

  5. You might want to open an account with ING. It’s the best thing ever. It’s a savings account that’s totally free, and you can take it out automatically from your checking account. AND it gives you better interest than any bank I’ve heard of. And i totally sound like a used car salesman. But anyway its great and you don’t need any minimum balance. The only downside is you have to pay taxes on the money in there. Nice blog..again…It’s never not great!