To Perfume or Not to Perfume

Its fall.  That means its time to change your shoes, put away your white (I don’t care what region of the country you live in, white is unacceptable after Labor Day…unless its winter white or in any form of cashmere, and then we need to talk), cover up your legs, and break out the coats.  One thing I do when the seasons change is change my perfume, too.  So its time for me to put away my floral aroma that is Happy by Clinique and dust off one of my heavier, spicier scents for Autumn.  I don’t want to smell like an apple pie, but I want to get as close as possible.

But changing perfumes always causes me problems.  I don’t know if its that I don’t know how much to wear of my new scent, or if its that I am just more aware of the smell because I’m not used to it yet, but I keep drowning myself in perfume.  It smells lovely (actually, that’s the name, too…Lovely, by Sarah Jessica Parker), but when I leave my house, I smell like I’m standing in a perfume factory.  I was starting to think maybe it was just me, but this morning on the shuttle ride to work, I noticed the tiny little Asian man riding in the seat next to me kept sniffing and snorting after I sat down.  I think my Loveliness overwhelmed him.

I have a love/hate relationship with perfume.  I love older women who walk by and leave a pretty scent.  I think that’s so classy.  My boss’ wife does this.  When she leaves my office, it smells like her for a little bit afterwards.  I love that.  She smells yummy.  However, I don’t think that appropriate for young women.  I don’t know why I think that though.  I haven’t read that anywhere, I’ve never heard a saying like, “Smell-good young ones are floosies!” but in my head, women under 50 should be seen and not smelled.  Over 50?  Leave a tail, baby.  So in my head, I am still about 30 years away from being allowed to smell too strong.

Is that weird?  Am I strange?  I don’t think so.  I think I just have an astute sniffer.  But I’m killing myself lately with my own Lovely smell.  I’m about to put myself on probation and go back to using Sunflower perfume, like I did in middle school.  That’ll teach me…



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3 responses to “To Perfume or Not to Perfume

  1. God no, leave Sunflowers on the shelf! Ack!

    (I wore that too once. :))

    Here’s the thing. Back in the day young women bore the weight of having children and then later in the century children and full time careers. Baby Magic and strained peas were the perfume. Then they grew up and the perfume was replaced with flowers and apple pies.

    I fear perfume. I hate being the one that leaves the room and everyone says, “Whew! She must of took a bath in it today!” Not to mention I lack in the sense of smell department. I do love the smell of Roses though!

  2. I’m still trying to grasp the concept of changing scents for the seasons. Then again, I only ever smell like deodorant or body spray. So I guess in scent maturity, I’m more like 13 than 22.

  3. nigel

    i think it’s fine that you’re wearing perfume and not old. but watch out about how much you put on, i’ve had a similar experience to your trip on the shuttle. it’s not so much about age or what you’re wearing, but how much.