And Now I Need Your Money

(Please be sure to read the inspiring comment that Julie left at the bottom of this posting.)

As I have shared before, my sister surprised everyone who knew her by training for a marathon.  She was never really an athletic person, but she got a good cause in her head and when that happens you can’t reason with her.  She decided to raise money to find a cure for cancer by participating in something called “Team in Training.”  Team in training is a non-profit group that raises money to find a cure for cancer by training and running marathons.  Ginny’s race is at the end of the month in San Francisco (the country’s hilliest city, by the way, which I find hysterical).

So this is my plea for money.  I have even broken it down into two different types of pleas, depending on what motivates you to give.

For Those Who Are Motivated By Goodwill and Heartfelt Goals:

Help support my sister, Ginny, as she selfishly puts aside her own self-interests of bar hopping and booty dancing to race for a cure.  All proceeds will benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of America whose ambitious mission is to cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma, and to improve the qualify of life for patients and families.  I’m sure if we all think hard, we know someone who has been effected in some way by one of these terrible diseases.  So, dig deep into your pockets and give – even just $10 – to help support those who are suffering or have suffered.  I promise that you’ll feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.

Click Here:  Team in Training

For Those of You Who Need a Practical Reason to Give:

My sister pledged $3,900 to this organization.  She currently has raised $2,714.50.  If she does not come up with the rest of the money, she can’t run the race.  So give to help my dumbass sister raise the ridiculous amount of money that she had obligated herself to raise.  Even giving as little as $10 to her cause will help her get closer to her unrealistic and wildly optimistic goal which she will most likely not meet.  Don’t worry, even if she does not raise the whole amount (which she probably won’t), your money will still go to the Society and my sister will just be stuck in Atlanta while everyone else on her team goes to California because they were more realistic in their goal-setting.  Bottom line:  Give $10 to support my idealistic, unrealistic, optimistic, dreamer of a sister who has a heart of gold.

Click Here:  Team in Training



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4 responses to “And Now I Need Your Money

  1. You don’t know me…I’m a member of TNT on the San Diego/Hawaii Chapter team (yup, we’re lucky to run here all the time!). I’m not running the Nike Marathon, but training with TNT for my 2nd marathon in San Diego in January. Please tell your sister that she is amazing to be doing this marathon! I am a survivor of leukemia, and just celebrated my 1 year remission date a month ago. It’s because of people like her (and all of you that are helping her fund raise) that I received the services, care and amazing new technology of treatments that saved my life. I was diagnosed when I was 31 yrs old…I am now 33 yrs old…and happily plan on teasing my own sisters (much like you do to yours) for the rest of my VERY long life now. 🙂 THANK YOU for your blog post…and thanks for all the fundraising efforts for TNT!

  2. Maybe your sister realized the little fact about the hills when she set her goal?

    Good for her though, I have a friend doing the same deal and I thought she was nuts.

  3. My sister decided to run marathons, too. This weekend is her first one. It blows my mind.

  4. Ginny

    Yes – I admit that I’m insane for doing this. But atleast my insanity raises money for a good cause???

    Hope you’ll give – I get really excited about $10 (or $1,000… but whatever works.)