I either have my face in the toilet or I am sleeping.  Because apparently THAT is what pregnancy is all about.  Don’t believe anything else.



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4 responses to “Misery.

  1. AH! I have been naseaus on and off for about a week, but have yet to throw up. It almost came this morning, though. I know it’s soon. Yikes. But yes, I am sleeping constantly.

  2. Mendi McCormick

    Ok, I know and feel your pain! Just promise me one thing, don’t let “sick time” get out of control. After 8 days of not keeping anything AT ALL down, I FINALLY called my dr. She told me to take it easy and not eat, to let my tum rest. Well, I did this, and by that point, my body was so dehydrated, I was passing out and was admitted to the hospital! If you go more than two days without keeping food in you, CALL your dr. 🙂 Don’t drink water, it’ll make the sickness worse.
    I hope you get to feeling better soon!

  3. Well, that is what the first trimester is about but it definitely gets better.

  4. Oh no! Already? Here’s me sending you my good vibes…. the queaziness only lasted a week or two for me….