What is This Poll You Speak Of?

Just when you think you’ve had all the fun on a blog that you can have, I have now learned that it is incredibly easy to put a poll on your blog post.  Who knew?  (Apparently everyone but me, actually.)  And aside from providing me with hours of entertainment, you’ll also be practicing for Election Day.  Everybody wins!



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2 responses to “What is This Poll You Speak Of?

  1. I answered the poll for my husband. I find myself reading over his shoulder your newest blog, he checks in more often than I do. He thinks there are remarkable similarities between you and I (laughed hard outloud/shaking his head while ‘oh my god’ was sputtered when he read the request to have your hubby rub your calf- a constant request of mine). Thank you for your funniness and honesty.

  2. ranmon

    I just discovered polls too! Soon we’ll need a category called “Polls” ’cause they’re so mesmorizing 🙂