Strategic Fatherhood

Me:      Do you want a girl or a boy?

Chris:  (thinks for a minute)  A girl.

Me:      Really?!?!  That’s so sweet!

Chris:   Yeah, that way when she’s older, you’ll have to take her to the bathroom.



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3 responses to “Strategic Fatherhood

  1. Kristin

    You know, they have family bathrooms now… looks like Chris won’t be off the hook either way! 🙂 Glorious.

  2. Ha! I can say that I’ve thought the same thing your husband has. We are having a boy and I’ve definately thought about how hubby will be responsible for taking him to the restroom.

  3. sunfaerie

    As if you could make the sex of the baby what you want. You do know that the men’s genes/sperm determine the sex of the baby, right? So, tell Chris it’s all his fault. 😉