Electricity Update

Chris would like everyone to know that we saved $77.59 this month on our power bill.

Chris is the Master of Power.  (…yawn)



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4 responses to “Electricity Update

  1. Actually that’s amazing.

  2. *Yay* for more money in your pocket!! My husband & I cut our electricity bill this month too, although not by choice – our air conditioner/heater went kaput! In the long run, I’m sure we’ll pay twice as much to get the thing fixed, but we’re looking on the bright side right now! :o)

  3. (Grand) Dad

    Way to go Chris!!! I have to take this opportunity to apologise to you for spoiling Katharine when I raised her and her sister. It is all their Mother’s fault!!!

    (Grand) Dad

  4. ALF

    Horray for saving money!