Belly Pictures and Other Things to Bore You

I finally dumped some pictures from my camera onto my computer.  Nothing crazy exciting – except the ultrasound pic! – but at least you can see my growing baby house of a belly.


This is our first ultrasound, taken at 6.5 weeks.  We had to have an ultrasound because I’m an irresponsible woman and didn’t now when I’d gotten pregnant.  The ultrasound determined our due date – June 3.  Mark your calendars.



This is the Most Adorable Child Ever.  She trick or treated at our house.  She was a butterfly.  And a candy hog.  I loved it!  She helped me give out candy when she was done trick or treating, and she would reach into the bowl and give enormous handfuls to everyone.  I think we are the coolest house on the street because of her.


This is her coming into the house.  Her wingspan was a little tricky.  And if you look really close, you can see my bump!  (DISCLAIMER:  There is a strong possibility that in this picture, the bump is more of a 3 Musketeers bump than a baby bump.  The jury is still out…)


This is The Most Adorable Child Ever coming down from her first house.  And that’s her cute momma with her.


This is us at a Halloween party.  This is sans Chris’ costume.


This is Chris’ costume.  We went as a pregnant couple.  Original, I know.  But considering I almost threw up on the way to the party several times, this was as exciting as I got.  Chris is cute though.  He looks more like he’s had one too many beers than that he is with child, but A for effort here.


And there’s my bump. This is at 10 weeks.  Whoa.  I’m getting a little nervous about how big I’m going to be.  Especially because the other night, Chris was rubbing my belly and all of a sudden he announces, “You’re going to get freaking huge!!!”  Thanks, Dear.


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5 responses to “Belly Pictures and Other Things to Bore You

  1. Aww, you’re definitely gonna be a cute pregnant lady… I can just tell. And is that a beer in Chris’ hand?? That bastard…he knows you can’t have any! Just kidding…I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been left out over these last 9 months. Soon, very very soon, I’ll be enjoying a lovely white russian (I think I’ve decided that will be my first post pregnancy drink) Mmmmm.

  2. nigel

    I like your hair color, as well as your costume.

  3. I love the Halloween costume… & you are just adorable!!!! :o)

  4. Ginny

    I think after a good Mexican meal I could look like that too… sad that I don’t have a baby to blame that on. ugh.

  5. Erin

    First of all, congrats on the pregnancy!

    Secondly…don’t worry about showing at 10 weeks….I started showing very early too but I don’t think I’m any bigger now than any other “average” pregnant person…