The Name Game

Everyone wants to know if this bambino in the belly is a boy or a girl.  We won’t know until around Christmas.  What a bummer.  But I have my thoughts on the subject, with or without an ultrasound.

I have never had very good intuition and I’m not very “in tune” with my body, so I seriously doubted that I would be one of those people who just knew the sex of the baby.  But I think I might.  Since I have been pregnant, whenever I picture the baby or talk about the baby or look at baby things, I have been seeing a boy.  Its not that I wouldn’t love a baby girl, but when I uncontiously think about it, I see blue.  With red hair.  And freckles.  Actually, I am half worried my kid is going to look like this:


(That’s Opie from Andy Griffith for all you poor TV Land deprived souls…)

And besides my own intuition in this case, my sister called me with hard core proof of the gender.  My phone rang and I answered and heard, “What month was your baby conceived in?”  She’s never been one to beat around the bush…  She put this information (August, by the way) along with mine and Chris’ birthdates into a website which then spit out a gender.  A boy.  So you see?  Besides my own intuition, the INTERNET believes I’m going to have a boy.  What more proof do you need???

So last night after I got off the phone with my sister, Chris and I started talking about boy names.  Now, we’ve been pretty private about the whole naming thing.  We don’t want anyone’s opinions to influence us, so we’ve kept the conversations between the two of us.  At first, Chris didn’t want to pick names at all.  When we got our dogs, Chris didn’t want to name them until he saw their personalities.  I calmly explained to Chris that the kid probably won’t have a personality until he’s about 3, so what are we going to call him until then?

Chris reconsidered and spent the next half hour shooting down all of my names.  But when I pushed him to give some options, I knew I had made a mistake.  I feel like you should know what Chris wants to name our child.  I feel like the world should be aware of the type of person I am married to.

1.  Colt McCoy – You know, as in the Texas quarterback.

2.  Petey – Not Pete.  Not Peter.  Just Petey.

3.  Willy – Not Will.  Not William.  Just Willy.

4.  Charlie – Keep in mind that our last name is Brown.

5.  Pooh Bear

6.  Marty McFly – From Back to the Future.

I cannot stay married to this man.  He hates our child already.  Why else would he choose these names?  Personally, I think this stems from the fact that Chris can’t add anything else to his Man Cave until our child is in college.  As retrobution, Chris will call the kid Willy.


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8 responses to “The Name Game

  1. Mendi

    On the intuition…I have just known since day one ours was a boy! I also did the online tests to see boy/girl, and everything pointed at a boy. We now know that we will have a boy in April, I say if you have the guy feeling, it must be a boy 🙂 Good luck with names!

  2. My husband was like that too… throwing out plain goofy names when I was trying to seriously think of some name contenders. Like Obi Wan and Ghengis.

    And I knew a guy in high school who’s name was Christopher… Christopher Robin [last name]. So you can name your first born Pooh, and then the second Christopher Robin and they can be best friends!

  3. Poor little baby Opie–even his imaginary name is horrid.

  4. You should check out
    Great website to check out names. You can even put in the names of your dogs so that they all match… very cute.
    Good Luck.

  5. paintedpants

    Charlie Brown AND Pooh Brown?! You poor lady! I wish you the best of luck in the naming struggle!

  6. 4freeadvice

    Just found your blog through wordpress tags. Hilarious!

    I have a houseful of kids, and my husband and I battled through the name-game for each one. I would make a list, and he’d scratch every name off.

  7. nigel

    I say either Opie or Charlie.

    And if you think that’s bad, my dad went to school with a guy named John Greacidick, honest to God. So don’t worry about having a son named Charlie Brown.

  8. I happen to think Opie is adorable. That thing your sister did on the internet… probably like a Chinese calendar thing, right? It said I was having a boy!