An Adult Conversation


Me:  Do you like the name Cooper?

Chris:  Do you like the name Penis?

Clearly, we are ready to raise a child.



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3 responses to “An Adult Conversation

  1. Jackie

    Obviously, this name selection process is going to take awhile. It’s a good thing you guys have lots of time. As the mother/mother-in-law, depending on who you are talking to at the time, I think I will not give any opinion or suggestion whatsoever on what this child should be called. I will, however, love and spoil it to death regardless of what we call it. As for what the baby will call me, I have no idea, but I too have a few months to figure it out. I love you guys!

  2. Have you had an ultrasound yet? My first is Wednesday. I wish it were right now.

  3. Sarah

    Now that sounds like the Chris Brown that I know. : )