The Family is Coming! The Family is Coming!

Hold on to your hats, people.  My family is coming to town.  That’s right.  My mom, dad, grandma, and sister are all spending Thanksgiving at MY house this year.  My mom, dad, and grandma get into town on Saturday morning, and my sister will get in on Wednesday night.

To say I’m excited it kind of like calling the Titanic a canoe.  I’m so freaking excited that I just about can’t stand it!  Not ONLY are they going to get to see me and Chris, and not ONLY are they going to get to rub my growing belly for the first time, but they are ALSO going to see my house for the first time, too!

I’m so freaking excited!

I’m sure it has something to do with being pregnant and young and scared and stupid, but I’ve been missing my family so much lately!  This means that I will be able to tolerate them for maybe 36 hours instead of the standard 24 hours.  So, by Sunday at midnight I may well be pulling my hair out…  or their hair out… but for now – I’M SO FREAKING EXCITED!

Speaking of families, I thought I would share some pictures of the newest addition to my family.  I had a 3D ultrasound today.  So cool!  I got to see the baby’s arms, legs, feet, hands, brain (!!), face, ears, spine, and just about anything else growing in there.  I also got to see the baby move for the first time.  The technician poked at the baby a little to make it move, and all of a sudden it started squirming!  Its already just like Chris.  He jumps when you poke him, too!

This is the baby’s little head and face.  I might be off-base, but I think it looks a little masculine, don’t you?  And I know this sounds crazy, but it DOES kind of look like Chris’ profile a little bit…


This picture is of its two little feet.  Isn’t that the cutest thing ever???


And this is of its back and the spine.  I think this is completely fascinating.  I also got to see the two lobes of its brain and the four chambers of its heart.  SO COOL!  If you look closely in this picture, you can see the spine.


And last, but not least.  I thought you all should see the artwork that my sister, Ginny, has been working on in honor of my unborn child.  Every week, she sends me a picture of the fruit that my bean is the size of.

This is from Week 10 when the baby was the size of a strawberry.


And this is from Week 12 when the baby was the size of a lime.  The artist would like you to note the accurate portrayal of finger and toe nails.  And the black scribbles on the bottom are the intestines, which have now formed.  The yellow represents the bladder, which has also now formed (…and is apparently leaking???).


Thanks, Aunt Ginny, for those vivid images.



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6 responses to “The Family is Coming! The Family is Coming!

  1. JBB

    We obviously need to give Ginny some more work…either that, or move her to the art department!

    I’m currently in the child-as-lime phase – I just love all the fruit analogies; although, I now feel weird everytime I eat fruit salad.

  2. I have some good tips for dealing with the family on Thanksgiving. Congrats on the baby BTW.

    Plan to provide a non-traditional Thanksgiving meal. People are sick of turkey and dressing. You should bring back a favorite like tuna and crackers and be creative with side dishes.

    Whenever anyone offers to help or bring a dish, say, “NO thank you, I have got it covered.”
    Do NOT serve cheeses, dips, olives, chips and small sandwiches. These are items that will choke guests with ease. If a guest chokes be ready to roll.

    Before the table settings and centerpiece are in place, sit in each chair to make sure each chair will hold the weight of the guest. Fat guests should be assigned the more sturdy chairs or offer to let them eat on the couch.

    Kids should not be invited because they are gross and eat with their fingers.

    DO NOT provide any low calorie dishes. If people are too fat to eat regular food they should not be invited.

    Completely clear the table of all dishes from previous courses before serving dessert. The goal is speed not pleasure.

    Feed them quickly then swiftly move to dessert. After dessert, offer a drink then escort the guests out to their cars.

    Fill the sink with soapy water so cutlery and small dishes can soak clean. DO not drink the soapy water.

  3. Awesome drawings! I definately think the lime looks like Chris…oh wait were we talking about the actual ultrasounds?!!! 🙂

  4. I can already tell he’s gonna be cute! Tell your sister her pictures are awesome.

  5. Ginny

    You forgot the kidneys — they also formed to help produce the urine!!! So exciting!!!!

    I can’t wait to see you either… I’ve decided I’m going to sing the baby to sleep every night I’m there. 🙂

  6. YAY!!! What beautiful ultrasound! How sweet, sweet, SWEET! I love it. I had my first one yesterday and was freaking out. SO very cool.

    Have soooo much fun with your family. I totally feel your excitement with you! I love entertaining family.