Bellycast #1


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  2. moderncranberry

    *terrified face*

  3. Ok, seriously….nothing in child birth is as bad as that. It will be a piece of cake compared to that.

    I love how you can hear the phone ring and Chris answers it. He had no idea you were in the basement making a video for your blog, did he? Hahaha.

    I told you I was going back and reading all the posts I missed, huh? I am one faithful reader!

  4. Jackie

    You are too funny! Maybe they really shouldn’t tell you the stuff they are going to do each time. Sometimes it’s better when you don’t know. they could fill you in after the fact. But you can’t blame the baby for getting al the attention… that’s just the start of all the attention that my grandson will be getting. Besides, I’m sure he wasn’t too happy for the disruption to his nice quiet little world. Love you.

  5. Sarah

    You are a strong strong woman. But I think what I took away from this belly-cast is that you look really cute in your yellow striped sweater. (How shallow am I?) : )

  6. Kelly

    Kate – you just crack me up. Praying for the bean and I just know everything will be fine. Way to be tough through the CVS!

  7. OMG…I think I peed a little with that one 😉 You had me rolling. On the other hand…you are one strong cookie! I would have passed out, I’m sure of it. I’m still praying like crazy!

  8. Omy! I agree with your sister here. However, I will now NEVER have sex again 🙂

  9. Ginny

    You can tell you were an English major and not Pre-Med (thank god).

  10. Summer Brown Riccio

    You are too funny my dear….
    Im glad you are able to make light of such a terrifying experience. Me, not so much!!!!

  11. Grandma

    Great Belly Cast. You are so good, I think I hear
    Hollywood calling, already!

  12. Laurel

    Aww Kate, I miss you! I have my fingers crossed that everything will turn out just fine!! Say hi to Chris!

  13. Lori

    Your belly cast was hilarious, the CVS however sounds terrifying! Good thing Pedro is a good sport!