Insert Head In Toilet

Sunday night I was sitting in Carnegie Hall listening to a symphony concert with Chris and some friends.  I had my best preggie dress on, cute boots, my hair looked good.  It was a great night.  All of a sudden, I had to puke.  Yep.  It just hit me.  I was either going to throw up on my well-dressed husband, or I was going to need to find the nearest exit.

And I have pretty much been in the same condition for 48 hours.  I haven’t been able to keep anything down, and I feel like my insides are at a disco inside me.  At first, I thought it was the Bean.  Great.  My unborn child already hates me, I thought.  But after 2 days of solid upchucking, I went to the doctor who told me I had lost 4 pounds and that this wasn’t just morning sickness.  It was some kind of virus.  So, he sent me home with some medication (YAY!) and a threat to send me to the hospital for fluids if I didn’t start eating popsicles and drinking Gatorade ASAP.

I’m up and moving today, but who knows how long its gonna last.  I feel like I could blow at any minute now (sorry for the graphic description – I just don’t know how to make throwing up sound pleasant).

In the heat of my sickness, my Mom called me to talk about baby clothes.  I almost reached through the phone and strangled her.  I couldn’t even concentrate on picking my cup up to my mouth, and she wanted to talk about baby clothes?!?!  And then she finally came out with the reason she called.

“I’m so afraid I’m only going to get one grandchild out of you!” she cried.

Sadly, she might be right.  This pregnancy has been nothing but medical tests and throwing up, and I’ll be honest with you, I’m about over it.

But last night I was laying in bed, moaning and complaining to Chris about how sick I felt, and suddenly – I felt the baby move.  It wasn’t really a kick or a nudge or anything, but he was definitely moving around in there.  For several days, I have been feeling my stomach gargle and wretch, but this was definitely a different feeling.  And when I started rubbing my stomach, I could actually feel where he was.  There was a hard little spot in my stomach, and I think he was just all curled up in there, stretching and rolling around.  I spent the next 2 hours rubbing him and poking at him and just playing with him.  It was the coolest 2 hours I’ve had in 4 looooong months.

So, maybe this might all be worth it.  Maybe this little Bean will be more fun than a toilet bowl.  And I’m not making any promises here, but I would do it all over again if I could have those 2 hours I had last night.  Totally worth it.



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3 responses to “Insert Head In Toilet

  1. Feeling your baby move definitely beats any of the struggles you face with pregnancy. Everytime he moves it suddenly makes you drop all negative thoughts and makes you smile oh so graciously. It truly is a remarkable experience. Another thing that is great is waking up in the morning with a little ball under neath your skin. I still haven’t figured out if it is a butt or a head, so I try not to poke to much. I hope you start feeling better soon and that virus goes away.

    I also feel your pain with the whole gaming system, but remember boys will be boys.

    Much love and prayers,

  2. Oh Honey! I feel your pain! I was right there with you, thinking I was crazy for ever wanting 3 children! Now that I feel him moving all around, it’s the most amazing experience. People keep saying you “forget” all those unpleasant things, and I definitely haven’t had that luxury yet. I think I’ll remember the first few months forever. Just wait until you can see that little cutie moving around from the outside 🙂 My husband doesn’t know what to think!

  3. Lori

    Sorry to hear that you are sick, but totally jealous that you got to go to Carnegie Hall! Hope you feel better really, really soon!!

    And isn’t feeling the baby move the coolest?!