Animal House


Let me paint a picture for you of where I am and what I’m doing and what’s loose in my house.  I have locked myself in the basement with both my dogs.  There is a blizzard outside and so far we have about 6 inches of snow.  And there is a chipmunk upstairs.  

That’s right.  A chipmunk.  

I was walking upstairs to get laundry (miracles DO happen…), and what should be sitting in my upstairs landing but a little chipmunk.  I screamed, naturally, and he ran into the spare bedroom.  Then, I stood at the base of the stairs and waited.  Every time he got brave and stuck his head in the stairway, I screamed bloody murder and he ran off.  

I went to get a neighbor to come help me catch him since Chris isn’t here, but the neighbors are gone.  So, I came home and piled boxes on the stairs.  If I can’t catch him, I’ll trap him.  But just to be safe, I have locked myself in the basement with the dogs and I’m going to stay here until either the pizza I ordered gets here or Chris gets here.  Whichever comes first.

Where is Chris, you may ask?  Why, he is sitting on the interstate.  Where he has been for 7 HOURS.  

A bad snow storm came in today and traffic was so slow on the interstate that Chris was on that they shut it down.  With him still on it.  So he sat in one place for 2 HOURS until they moved enough people to get him off the interstate.  The last I talked to him he was lost in some residential areas trying to make it to a different interstate.  He left work at 12:30 today and it is now 7:20.  He’s going to be in a grrreat mood when he gets here.

And then he’s going to have to catch my chipmunk so that I can come out of the basement.  

Boy, I need a vacation.  Good thing I leave for FLORIDA TOMORROW!!!  I’m pretty sure they don’t have a snow storm looming down there and I’m almost positive my parents are chipmunk-free in their house.  

I love snow.  I love snow.  I love snow.

I love animals.  I love animals.  I love animals.


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4 responses to “Animal House

  1. Julie

    I have to share w/you how Jeffrey got a squirrel out of his Mom’s house…one was stuck between her walls for days, so he goes in the attic and shoves a shop vac hose down there and sucks up the little guy. He said the squirrel held on to the edges of his hose for dear life, but lost the fight and had the ride of his life. Jeffrey took him outside and let him go, no harm done. I can’t wait to hear how you, or Chris, got yours out.

  2. Lori

    Well, at least chimpunks are cute (in my opinion.) And it is a good thing that it isn’t a rat or a skunk or something!

    Florida is really beautiful right now, so you are in for a treat. I will be braving the cold of the north this weekend. Travel safely (and I hope Chris makes it home soon!)

  3. nigel

    Was Chris really on the highway for 7 hours?

    Man, I thought I was the one who had the bad commute today, but he beat me by an hour.

  4. You are freakin hiliarious! It is a chipmunk….think Alvin and the Chipmunks! ALLLLLVVVVIIIINNNNN! He just wants some food! 🙂