New Year’s Resolutions 2009

Tonight is New Year’s Eve.  My husband, my sister, and her boyfriend are all down in Times Square braving the crowds, the cold, and the 40 mile an hour winds to see the ball drop.

And probably to make out with strangers.

I don’t know if I mentioned it before, but my husband built the New Year’s ball.  That’s right.  He built it.  Actually, he ordered other people around and they built it.  But still.  He’s a bad ass.  So, the crew has headed down to New York to celebrate Chris’ big accomplishment.

And probably to make out with strangers.

Being the heat-loving homebody that I am, I have played the pregnancy card and am now sitting in my empty, warm house in pajamas.  I have bathed a long, leisurely bath.  I have moisturized.  I have baked brownies AND banana bread.

And I may make out with a stranger.  Who knows.

All this time of peace and quiet tonight has led me also to a time of reflection on the year that has just passed.  I mean, it was a good one.  Chris and I graduated, bought a house, Chris got a job (with a paycheck, no less…), we’re having a baby, and we renewed our former Netflicks membership.  Life is pretty good.

But things can always be better.  And how can I make things better?  By setting some goals for myself in the new year.  So, without further adue, I give you:


1.  I will MapQuest, locate, and attend the gym where I currently pay a membership fee.

2.  I will quit stealing Post-It Notes from my office.

3.  I will finally use the bundt pan that I got as a wedding present.  4 years ago.

4.  I will quit faking pregnancy cravings just so Chris will take me to Taco Bell.

5.  I will shave my legs without having to be asked.

6.  I will have my engagement and wedding rings cleaned.

7.  I will have a baby.  (I’m allowed one freebie on this list.)

8.  I will convert my purse closet in the baby’s room into an actual closet for the baby.

9.   I will convert Chris’ closet into my purse closet.

10.  I will stop crying when I see maternity clothes.

11.  I will bathe my dogs.  Finally.

12.  I will take a vacation to somewhere that family does not live.  (No offense family!  Love ya like candy!)

13.  I will quit telling Chris fake pregnancy facts like that I can’t do the dishes because something in the dish soap can cause our baby boy to be born without a penis.

14.  I will cook dinner more at home.

15.  I will help Chris paint the upstairs.  And by help I mean that I will leave him alone while he paints the upstairs.

16.  I will throw away all of the wire hangers in our house.

17.  I will stop secretly feeding the dogs blocks of cheese when Chris isn’t looking.

18.  I will quit getting parking tickets at work because I’m too lazy to park in my assigned lot on the other side of campus.

19.  I will petition for a new parking lot.

20.  I will be thankful for my husband every single day.  And I may even tell him once in a while.



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5 responses to “New Year’s Resolutions 2009

  1. I resolved to not resolve. Wait a minute… does that count as a resolution?? Son of a….

  2. archiveslives

    Those are better resolutions than mine. I resolved to brush my teeth. Pretty pathetic.

  3. I think I need to get pregnant again so I can use some excuses. One of those being “I’m not fat, I’m pregnant.”
    Regardless, I loved your list and the fact that you have a purse closet.
    Happy new year!

  4. Love the list! On a more serious note, that dish soap is DANGEROUS! Stay away! Keep pulling the prego card, you can’t use it for much longer!

  5. keagansmom

    I should have been smart enough to pull hubby’s leg with my pregnancies. Being 2/3 of the way though my 2nd, I don’t think he’d buy it now. I mean, sure you should stop lying to him, but good idea 😉