Living Large

Will someone please tell me what the deal is with maternity clothes?  I don’t understand.  They cost a fortune, first of all.  And because there are not many discount stores (like TJ Maxx or Marshalls) that carry them, you are usually stuck paying full price.  And while I have never had problems forking over cash for clothing, I DO Have problems forking over cash for clothing that I grow out of in about a week.

I think I’m doing it wrong.  I’m buying clothes and then outgrowing them in record time.  Two weeks or one good washing later, the pants don’t fit and I can’t button my blouses over my belly.  And everything is made out of stretchy material, which is awesome for laying around the house in.  But when I have to get dressed to go out in public, I feel like a sausage that someone is squeezing in the middle.

I actually think I know what I’m doing wrong.  Its that I’m scared to buy bigger maternity clothes.  For Christmas this year, my Mom gave me a few really cute maternity outfits for work.  She also gave me a pair of enormous jeans.  E-nor-mous.  I unwrapped them, held them up, and started crying right there in the middle of Christmas.  Just burst into tears right there next to the Christmas tree.  My Mom immediately took the jeans and put them in a box with the promise that I didn’t have to look at them.

If I was mature enough to handle it, I actually need those bigger clothes.  Maybe they’re a little too big right now, but I’m getting so big, so fast that it won’t take long at all before I’ll be able to fit into those jeans (hence the Christmas tears…).  I don’t know why I have a problem with getting so big.  I have never been a weight watcher.  I don’t even own a scale!  When I went to the doctor for my first prenatal visit, I couldn’t even tell them my start weight.  I had no idea!  But now that I’m packing it on exponentially, I’m starting to feel huge!

To solve this problem, I have decided to wear sweat pants.  To everthing.  Maybe if I pair sweat pants with a sensible heel, no one at work will notice.  And for church, I could just wear little white gloves for a hint of sophistication.  I think that might work…


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8 responses to “Living Large

  1. mommyghee

    There are lots of trendy, affordable maternity clothes at They fit, don’t shrink and the styles are so hip you will be able to wear them all through your pregnancy, and after, be comfortable and in perfect style.

  2. Please post a picture in sweatpants and heels. You would be every pregnant woman’s hero.

  3. Liz

    HI – You will return to your previous size… just give it time.. 🙂 I’ll email you my list of maternity store favorites… (or have I done that already???). Have you ever gone to They usually have some pretty nice online sales – as does gap maternity and, as someone mentioned, old navy maternity. It’s HARD to dress for an office job and be prego – I remember just wearing the same stuff ALL-THE-TIME. Hang in there and also – do NOT be afraid to ask to borrow stuff or ask around for people who were just pregnant. (What about Kelly? She has really cute style.) 🙂 You ARE SO CUTE though – just so so adorable belly pregnant – you might think you’re huge – but really, you just look wonderful!

  4. Maternity clothes + going up a size = ick! I feel your pain, it’s enough to depress any girl! I know I’ll have to buy another round of pants before it’s all lucky 🙂

  5. Your post made me laugh so hard! I just had my first kid, she is 5 months now, and I can totally relate! And you still feel like crying every time you look in the mirror AFTER you have the baby. All my maternity clothes I bought at Gap off the sale rack. Only 2 pairs of pants and about 8 shirts. Couldn’t find anything anywhere else that was fashionable and yet comfortable. Their jeans are awesome and will fit you for the whole pregnancy. Good luck!

  6. I feel your pain!!! I did get a bunch of shirts that have elastic in the sides in about every color they come in. I also found some great maternity jeans at Target. Thank goodness I don’t work, because all I wear out is jeans and one of my maternity shirts. Oh and try Kohl’s, they usually have great sales.

  7. Amanda

    I know that we have a maternity consignment shop in our small city, so maybe you could google that….and when you have the baby you can even sell your old clothes, which is awesome–good luck!

  8. Lori

    I hear you, lady! I have had good luck finding clothes on the cheap or on clearance from and After one washing, a few shirts shrank, so now I refrain from putting any of my maternity shirts in the dryer. I started out buying shirts in Medium (what would be my normal size) but quickly learned just to jump to Large. My mom bought me a few Large maternity shirts for Christmas from Kmart and they are HUGE–like, I could cover my car with them! So I guess Large varies from store to store.

    I am actually going to take time this afternoon to take all of my “regular” clothes out of my dresser and putting them in a box to make room for my ever expanding collection of maternityware. I find this a little depressing…