Blogger-rific Week

As much as I love writing my blog, I love reading other people’s blogs just as much.  There’s something about peering into the lives of random everyday people that makes me smile.  That may also make me a cyber peeping Tom, but whatever…  Usually, I find other blogs to read from comments people make on my blog.  Its cool to see what people who read my blog do in their spare time, too, and it takes some of the creepiness out of the fact that thousands of strangers know about my marriage and my aversion to home cleaning products.

This week in celebration of those blogs that I read on a regular basis, I will be profiling one blog a day.  Each of these blogs are readers of my blog.  Some of them are similar to me and some of them are really different.  But isn’t that the fun of blogging?  You can find all kinds of lifestyles out there and then you can actually go into those lifestyles and see what their routine is like.  This week, I hope you take the time to visit some of my favorite blogs.  You’ll meet some good people, hear some great stories, and always find a laugh or two.

I should note also that I read many more than just the 5 blogs that I will profile this week.  So, please don’t think I’m not stalking you, too.  Because I probably am.  I’m an equal opportunity stalker.  I just happen to have been stalking these 5 blogs much longer than most others.

The bigger picture of this exercise is to demonstrate that good things happen when you stalk me and LEAVE COMMENTS.  I love comments.  Any blogger will tell you that comments and feedback are a huge part of the blogging process.  I love to hear what people think, how they react, if they could have done something differently.  I love the dialogue of blogging, not just the reporting.  So leave a comment!  Promote your blog!  Tell me who you are!  And maybe on my next Bloggeri-rific Week, your blog will be on my list!

Happy blogging!


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8 responses to “Blogger-rific Week

  1. Chris Jarrett

    Yikes! I’ve been caught! Haha. Katie I read your blog daily! When i’m sitting in my cubical procrastinating working on my PhD, atleast once a day I check to see if you’ve posted another blog. I’m not normally a huge blog reader but I think the fact that I know you and chris draws me in and your writing style of pure witty humor keeps me wanting more! I can’t help myself! Thanks for the many hours of entertainment! Hope all is well with Chris and the Bean.

  2. You know, Blog stalking must be in the water in FL…..

  3. anmoczynski

    So now that you are encouraging posting comments and glimpsing into strangers’ lives, I feel slightly more comfortable coming forward to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. I am one of Ginny’s sorority sisters, and I think I might have met you briefly for her 21st birthday. Don’t be offended, I don’t expect you to remember me. Another one of my sisters, Ginny’s big Kristin, recommended your blog and I have to say I have it bookmarked to read at work. I enjoy your honesty and humor, as well as all that you are willing to share with the online community. I have a blog as well, only a few months old, that I started once I moved from Florida to DC a few months ago. Feel free to visit and leave feedback, I love hearing what people have to say about my thoughts and opinions.
    Thanks and happy blogging!

  4. Kristin

    LOVE this idea 🙂

  5. maureenlynn

    Oh yay! I think I like reading other people’s blogs more than I like writing my own. Although I do like it when people read mine, and leave comments!

  6. Erin

    I’ve been meaning to comment for awhile, so in the spirit of following your instructions 🙂 now seems the perfect time. I’ve loved reading your blog since a friend (actually Jenn who commented above) passed it on to me, not just because I’m also a Gator, born and raised in FL, who moved to the Northeast for my hubby to go to school, but because you are laugh out loud funny! Your honesty is endearing, and often hilarious…so thanks for sharing a piece of yourself with all of us mystery fans out here in cyberspace.

  7. Thanks, Jenn! I’ve followed your blog, too, and I think its so funny that our two black dogs look so much alike! I also read your New Years resolutions and love them. Especially #1.


  8. Can’t wait to read this week! I’ve gotten all of my peeps at work to read your blog, it’s what we gossip about around the water cooler. One of my co-workers is about the same amount of time along in her pregnancy as yours, so she loves reading about what’s going on in your pregnancy.