Blogger-rific Week: Monday

This week I am promoting blogs of people who read my blog.  These are the top 5 blogs that I read almost on a daily basis.  Other than being in the top 5, they are in no particular order.  Here we go…

Today’s Blog ‘O the Day:  The Glamorous Housewife


Subject matter: Young married 20-something expecting her first baby, too!

My favorite posting on this blog: The Sweetest Gift

Why I love this blog: Whitney (the cutest little blogger ever) is a lot like me.  Only MUCH nicer.  If you prefer a spoon full of sugar with your daily dose of marriage commentary, you will love Whitney.  She is positive, happy, upbeat, loves her family, loves her husband, and is so ready to be a mom.  If I have scared you at any point in my own blogging about pregnancy or becoming a parent (and I know I have because I scare myself), read Whitney.  Her blog will make you want to plan weddings, have a million babies, grow wings and shoot people with arrows.



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2 responses to “Blogger-rific Week: Monday

  1. I love her blog tooo….I think I found the link here and have been stalking ever since! I love to read about other people that are having babies…..I feel like I’m not the only crazy person 😉

  2. You are sooooo nice!! You TOTALLY made my day with this post, girl. Totally. I love it!

    I, too, read you every day and almost have a heart attack from laughing so hard. You are fantastic.

    Thank you for featuring me!!!