True Confessions

I have some things to get off my chest.  Some things I’ve done this week that I need to confess.  Judge me if you will…

Make Up Confession

Yesterday I took a brand new thing of blush back to the Mac counter at Macy’s and told them that I had recently purchased the blush there, but when I got home and opened it the blush was shattered.  They exchanged it right on the spot.

It is true that I recently purchased the blush from that counter.  And when I opened it for the first time, the blush was shattered.  But I didn’t tell them that 2 seconds before I opened the blush for the first time, I dropped it down my stairs.

I need to confess this make up sin so that the make up gods do not curse me by discontinuing my favorite make up products for the rest of my life.

Dog Bath Confession

I hate bathing my dogs.  I usually pay a large amount of money so that I can drop them off at a salon smelling like poo and pick them up in a few hours smelling like sunshine.  But we are poor this month after all our holiday excitement and I can’t take them to the dog salon without taking out a second mortgage on my house.  And Chris won’t agree to co-sign with me for that, so I have been forced to bathe them myself.

So, a few days ago I cleaned them with a lint roller and then I sprayed them with Febreeze.  This might raise all kinds of red flags about what kind of mother I will be, but I’ll just have to think about that on another day.


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7 responses to “True Confessions

  1. Um, I don’t think you can even call that a bath.

  2. i spray mine with febreeze weekly and haven’t bathed them since november… im with you!

  3. Kristin

    My “friend” has also used a dust buster on her long haired dog. You should try it. It’s a good thing my “friend” isn’t also a veterinarian.

  4. Colleen

    That’s what febreeze is for, isn’t it? My word, that’s so funny! Lint brush? ha ha ha.

  5. Amy

    I do the same thing to my puppy Lola. I just do a drive-by spritz as she walks by and it normally does the trick for a few days. Saves the hassle of giving my 45 pound dog a bath.

  6. Hahaha, Matt (husband) does the same thing to my dogs. I’ll come home and they’ll smell too nice. He just shrugs and says “They needed it.” Shoot. As long as it saves me from having to wrestle them to the bath tub, I won’t argue. Hope things are going well with the bean!

  7. feels good to get it off your chest I bet.