Blogger-rific Week: Thursday

I am continuing in my quest to promote blogs of people who read my blog.  These are the top 5 blogs that I read almost on a daily basis.  Other than being in the top 5, they are in no particular order.  Here we go…

Today’s Blog ‘O the Day:  Newlywedisms by Brynn


Subject matter: Miscellaneous postings from a young, adorable interior designer

My favorite posting on this blog: W.F.I.B. (this isn’t my only favorite, but I loved her idea for this posting)

Why I love this blog: As a (borderline) newlywed myself, I have really enjoyed Brynn’s blog.  She combines all my favorite things – house decor, fashion, food, family, dogs, etc. – into one neat and tidy little website (which she recently revamped!).  We have similar tastes, but she is able to pull off things that I could never get away with (like this fabulous green and white striped couch she found – adorable!!).  Its nice to be able to see what she’s up to and to borrow some of her ideas that I can add my own more traditional style to.  You’ll love her site especially if you are a newlywed or a homeowner or a girl or wear clothes or eat food or have a dog or….   🙂

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