Blogger-rific Week: Friday

Today is the last day of my week promoting blogs of people who read my blog.  These are the top 5 blogs that I read almost on a daily basis.  Other than being in the top 5, they are in no particular order.  Here we go…

Today’s Blog ‘O the Day:  EMP (in Memorium…)


Subject matter: Young, married Kentucky girl who recently gave birth to her first baby

My favorite posting on this blog: From the Mouth of the First-Time Expectant Father

Why I love this blog: This is the first blog that I started reading regularly.  The author, Emily, is eerily similar to me.  Aside from having the same name as my real life BFF, there are many other signs that if she lived anywhere close to me, we might actually be destined to be friends.  We share the same type of humor, the same thoughts on marriage and parenting, the same thoughts on politics, we watch the same TV shows (Top Chef, anyone?).  I think she said it best when she said, “We may actually share a brain.”  Sadly, Emily gave birth to little Sammie in December.  Not sadly that little Sammie was born, but sadly she has stopped blogging since Sammie’s birth.  I guess parenting is a higher priority for her than blogging.  Sheesh.  Some people…  Anyway, maybe if we all flood her blog with hits today she will be inspired to come back to her cyber soul mates.  Visit her blog and read through some of her old posts.  I’m sure you will be as intrigued as I was.  At the very least you’ll be entertained because she’s hoot and a half.  I mean, she is my TWIN BRAIN after all.  What else would you expect????



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4 responses to “Blogger-rific Week: Friday

  1. No we don’t know each other.. but i discovered that you were from the Breeze in your christmas post and i was shocked.. since i found your blog through camille’s blog (archives).. i just thought it was one of those small world coincidences!

  2. Aww, well ain’t you sweet? Guess what?! I blogged today! Very impressive, I know. And yes, what Whitney said… I will return to regular blogging when I return to work in like 2 or 3 weeks. I know you can’t wait!

  3. archiveslives

    Oh no. I don’t like getting abandoned. I never even knew about her blog, but I already feel abandoned. I hope YOU don’t do that! (I will allow you a few days of maternity leave, but then, you better believe I will be flooding YOUR statcounter if you aren’t back!)

  4. Whitney

    Ah! Em is actually my real life best friend and YOU remind me of her which is what sucked me into your blog. Not that I don’t like you as you. I do!

    Yeah… Em hasn’t been getting down with the blogging like she used to but I say give her time. As soon as comes back to work I bet she starts up again.