There are events in life that we will always remember.  I remember watching the news in the kitchen with my mom and grandmother when Princess Diana was killed.  I remember Chris calling me during my political science class my freshman year of college when the plane crashed into the first tower on 9/11.  Sadly, it is usually these disturbing and horrific events that stay with us over time.  Seldom is an event life-changing enough in a positive way to make an life long impression on us.

But not today.

Today, I will always remember.  I will remember the pride I have in my country and the faith I have in our new President.  I will remember the gratitude I feel for being born in a country that is able to elect its leaders.  I will remember the love I have for my military who is fighting overseas so that I can celebrate the magnitude of today back home.  I will remember all of these things and I will be able to tell my little Bean and his children that my generation elected this iconic historical figure because they saw greatness in him before he event stepped into the White House.

I still have different political ideas than President Obama, but, like the President, I, too, am hopeful.  I am hopeful that our nation will once again take pride in itself.  I am hopeful that we have found a way to put some of our differences aside in the name of change.  I am hopeful that my children will know more managers, executives, and leaders of different races.  I am hopeful that our economy will gain the strength of our people and our leaders.  I am hopeful of all these things, and today as I watch the inauguration of this President, I will celebrate this moment as a proud American.

There are events in life that I will always remember.  Today is one of them.


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  1. bookishpenguin

    I went back and read the Nov. 5th entry linked to above (I wasn’t a WordPress reader then). Even though I’m a Democrat, I feel similarly to how you do. I think all political parties can let their members down sometimes and I do not believe the recent incarnation of the GOP is its traditional platform (my best friend is a lifelong Republican).

    I hope many Republicans are as thoughtful as you are… and I also hope the Democrats are, as well. Tolerance, hope, and support serve us all well.