Bellycast #3



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6 responses to “Bellycast #3

  1. Sarah Burnett

    oh my gosh Kate, your bellycasts are hilarious. You are a brave, brave woman to sing on video. Keep practicing though 🙂

  2. blacktabbyrecords

    you are a riot! i loved watching Lucy squirming around, she looked like a little floppy baby seal. maybe an alternative to singing would be to speak to your baby in a low, soothing voice, tell him stories and secrets, maybe even start filling his cut lil’ head with complicated science formulas?

    i am not pregnant as of yet, but my biggest concern for when i DO have children (whenever that may be), I’m going to love my dog more than i love my baby. Fingers crossed Rusty takes second-fiddle when that day comes!

    Good luck!

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  4. Ha. I love it! Being preggo myself, I’m glad I peed before watching this.

    I’m afraid she’ll come early, before her room is ready (I haven’t even begun cause we might move.) Or I forget to buy diapers or something. Or that she’ll cry and cry in our condo and never stop and they’ll evict us or something…

  5. archiveslives

    I don’t have any suggestions for you, sorry. But I did thoroughly enjoy this feature film! I don’t know what was funnier–your squirmy dog who hates your voice, or the black one who was jealous she didn’t get to be the baby.

    I’m afraid that Kyle will re-marry really soon after I die, and I HATE HIS SECOND WIFE.

  6. Julie

    One of my biggest fears both times I was pregnant was forgetting my baby somewhere. I guess that fear is still present in me because not too long ago I dreamed I forgot to get Bradley at school at 2:30 and it was 5:30. I woke up panicky and sweating as I raced to his school.
    Don’t worry, your Bean doesn’t have that much to compare your singing to, all he knows is that he LOVES to hear his Mommy’s voice. He will be your biggest fan!