The Clothes are Half the Fun!

I always wanted to dress up my dogs.  When the little one, Lucy, was smaller I was so excited because she was the perfect size for cute dog clothes.  But she hated them.  There were a few different things that could happen when you tried to dress Lucy up.  She might bite you.  She might shred the clothes.  Or she might freeze and not move a muscle.  None of these options were pleasant.  Over the years, though, I was able to get a few good outfits out of her.  Reindeer antlers at Christmas one year.  A Florida State football jersey for Homecoming one year.  And last year’s Halloween costume was magnificent.

Lucy as Elephant

Lucy as Elephant

You can't tell, but she is growling in this picture

You can't tell, but she is growling in this picture

Sadly, however, this was my final attempt to dress up my dog.  I gave up after this.  She bit me when I put her in the costume, then she stood there frozen in this position pictured above until I removed the costume, and then she shredded the elephant trunk.  Bad dog.

I realized this past weekend though that I might have a second chance at dressing something up.  I have a baby on the way.  And he’s helpless.  And he can’t talk so he can’t complain.  And he can’t bite because he won’t have teeth for a while.  He’ll be the puppy I never had.

After I made this discovery, I headed off to the Carter’s store (a.k.a.  Baby Mecca).  It was my first time in a whole Carter’s store and, I have to say, even for a seasoned shopper like me, it was a little intimidating.  So many options!  And they were all so tiny!  When I first walked in, I thought I was in trouble.  So many things to buy!  But turns out, I already own half of the entire Carter’s collection (thanks, Mom!) and so there wasn’t all that much left to buy.  I did find some pretty cute little outfits though.

Like this one.  Everyone loves a dinosaur…

Dino Duds

Dino Duds

And this cute little alligator outfit…

Hot stuff

Hot stuff

And then this cute little ensemble.  This is for when he’s hanging out with his Daddy in the Man Cave.  (Side Note:  I think Chris may already actually own this same outfit.)

I got this jacket on sale for $3.99 and the shirt for $1.99!!!

I got this jacket on sale for $3.99 and the shirt for $1.99!!!

I’m so glad I’m having a baby and not a puppy.  Babies seem to be much easier…


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9 responses to “The Clothes are Half the Fun!

  1. I am sure the pics of the Bean dressed up in his gear will be just as funny…that is until he turns into a teenager. Then he will HATE you! 🙂

  2. Hilary

    Hey! My hubby has a Man Cave, too! Okay, that had nothing to do with anything baby-related, but I always think it’s funny when he puts on his hooded sweatshirt and announces he’s going to go down into the Man Cave!

  3. archiveslives

    Ha! I like that you didn’t buy everything baby blue. It’s a fine colour, but I always appreciate it when parents broaden their horizons from blue and pink, respectively.

    p.s. The idea of your dog frozen in its halloween costume just really makes me laugh.

  4. I had no idea there were Carter’s stores! Must google for closest location pronto!

  5. “babies seem to be much easier…” Yeah, when they’re in your tummy! You just wait.

  6. Especially love the Gator outfir – Go Gators!

  7. maureenlynn

    Haha the elephant is adorable!

  8. Lori

    Carter’s store!? I want a Carter’s store!