Sunday Showers

Every Sunday night, Chris and I take something we call Sunday Showers.  Sunday Showers are the best showers ever.  They are the longest shower of the week where you do things like shave your legs, do a shower facial, use a 10-minute in-shower hair treatment.    Actually, as I write this I realize that I’m not exactly sure what Chris does in his Sunday Shower since I’m fairly certain he is not shaving his legs, exfoliating his face, or hot-oil treating his hair.  But in any event, Sunday Showers are a big deal in our house.  And its not just the shower itself.  When you get out of a Sunday Shower, you get into really soft jammies and climb into a bed with fresh sheets.

Sundays pretty much rock at our house.

This Sunday we thought we would include the dogs in our routine.  We wanted them to feel just as good and rested as we did.  And because they smelled.  Really, really smelled.

But apparently, our dogs don’t appreciate our Sunday Shower routine as much as we do.  First, we had to catch them and that is no small feat with our two dogs.  We basically ran around the house with dog biscuits yelling, “TREAT!  TREAT!”  The dogs would get close enough to steal the treat and then run before we could catch them.  Fury little poopers.  We finally caught them and had to manually transport them to the shower.

Chris transporting Molly to the shower

Chris transporting Molly to the shower

And once we got Molly into the shower, her enthusiasm didn’t get much better.

Pitiful Molly

Pitiful Molly



Dry and Fluffy

Dry and Fluffy

Once we finished with Molly, we had to wrangle Lucy.  You’d think she would be easier to catch than Molly, but not so much.  She might be smaller, but she’s a whole lot smarter.  Once she saw Molly get taken into the bathroom, she knew what was coming and she wanted nothing to do with it.  In fact, I have no pictures of her being taken to the shower because it took both me and Chris to get her into the bathroom and the photo session had to be put temporarily on hold.

And once we got her in there, she just went limp.  It was like trying to wash a cooked spaghetti noodle.

18 pounds of fierceness

18 pounds of fierceness

Psst.... Mom...  Get me outta here!

Psst.... Mom... Get me outta here!

Its all worth it for my towel cuddle afterwards.

Its all worth it for my towel cuddle afterwards.

So, they didn’t really enjoy their Sunday Showers.  I sure liked the way they smelled afterwards.  Like wet dogs who had rolled in vanilla and flowers.



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9 responses to “Sunday Showers

  1. Kristin

    hahah, chris is too funny 🙂

  2. Chris

    don’t worry archiveslives, Kate doesn’t shave her legs every Sunday like clockwork either… she is lucky if she gets it in once a month… 🙂 love you sweetie.


  3. Sarah

    The only reason Bailey likes baths is because she stands there and drinks the water. Beau used to go straight outside after a bath and roll in the dirt. It made me so mad. : )

  4. I’m feeling the need for a Sunday Shower on Monday. Is it acceptable to do it a day late?

  5. …which is why I call Poor Kyle POOR Kyle.

  6. archiveslives

    Bummer that they didn’t enjoy their showers, but I think S.Showers sounds like a great tradition. Although it would be pushing it for me to shave my legs every sunday like clockwork…

  7. Oh man, two of ya to get that little dog to the bath? She must be a fighter! I tried to bath the inlaws Jack Russell once, she went nutso. I thought she was gonna have an accident the way she was running around!

  8. I still have a bruise and a big scratch on my leg from trying to wash my black lab alone in the tub. NEVER going to try that again.