I Will Still Laugh at These Things

This morning as I was driving to work, I saw 2 kids walking on the sidewalk to school.  The oldest couldn’t have been any older than 2nd grade and the youngest was definitely in kindergarten.  They were clearly brother and sister, and were dressed for the brisk 25 degrees this morning. They reminded me of the younger brother in that movie, A Christmas Story.  They were so bundled up that the could barely put their arms down.

My car was stopped at a traffic light and when they got just next to me, I guess the older brother hit a patch of ice on the sidewalk because his feet went flying out from underneath him.  Not wanting to crash and burn on his own, he instinctively reached for his little sister.  But the sudden weight of her brother and the ice under her feet sent her flying as well, and they ended up falling in a heap on top of each other.

I died laughing.  Really.  I couldn’t stop.  I was sitting in my car, rolling with laughter at these 2 kids piled up on the sidewalk.  What can I say?  I love me some live comedy.

But then, the woman in the car in front of me put her car in park and got out to see if the kids were okay.  She helped them up and checked them for bleeding (or concussions, I guess) and then got back in her car and drove away once she knew they were okay.

Note to self:  When a child slips and falls on ice, don’t laugh.  At least, don’t laugh until you’ve checked them for head injuries.

These are all things I’m filing away for when the Beaner is born.  Scary, huh?


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7 responses to “I Will Still Laugh at These Things

  1. archiveslives

    I HATE when that happens (that is, when I’m the kid who slips and falls in front of hundreds of cars). I’d be even MORE embarrassed if someone came to check me for concussions. I guess it’s different with kids.

  2. I laugh at the same time I’m checking for blood. It’s OK to laugh! You’ll also learn, maybe after number two comes along, that when someone is bawling and your on the phone you say, “Is there blood?” If there isn’t it can wait.Or when it’s the tenth time, and it isn’t even lunchtime yet, to hear “MOMMY! Bean number two did blah blah blah!” You go seeking him out with the threat that, “Someone better be bleeding!” Motherhood is all about blood, if there isn’t any than it’s OK to laugh. Let them duke it out till there is some.

    It sure does make my life easier that way.

  3. Remember you are SUPPOSED to be a grown up now! 🙂

  4. nevermind your only human,
    in UK we’d have videos it and won 250 pounds!


  5. Kristin

    HAHA! I bet you felt like a jerk when that lady got out of her car.

  6. Kristin

    HAHA! I bet your felt like a jerk when that lady got out of her car.

  7. Haha, that’s hilarious!