Changes ‘Round These Parts

Here at Marriage Confessions, we’re all about customer service.

(I like to use words like “we” and “customer service” because it sounds more professional than “When I’m sittin’ at my computer in my basement picking my toenails…”)

And customer service these days is all about easy access.  Easy access to people, to thoughts, to ideas, to an ice cold beer (…sigh…only 4 more months…).  So, we’ve added a few new features to help make this dear blog easier to access.  Some of you have noticed the new features already, but we’ll take a little tour of them anyway so that no one is left out.

1.  You can Twitter Me! – It took me a long time to get comfortable with Twitter.  It just seemed a little too easy to access people.  But then I started thinking about it, and I pretty much put my life on the world wide web everyday anyway, so why not add one more avenue of complete confession?  Long story short, you can now follow me by the HOUR on Twitter.  Scary, huh?  Just click the link to the right under Blogroll or Fun Things, or simply click here.  If you have a Twitter account and you’d like to add me to your following, be sure to click “Follow” on the top left corner of my Twitter updates.  Now you’ll know what I’m up to all day long.  I know.  Its the thrill of a lifetime, I’m sure.

2.  Join Marriage Confessions on Facebook – Are you a Facebook junkie?  Join the Confessions of a Young Married Couple Group!  Check in often for announcements, pictures, and newsletter updates.  Be sure to leave a message on the wall and participate in any discussions that might be floating around out there.  Don’t forget that YOU might have something to confess, too…

3.  More Ways to Read – If you click on any of the first few side icons on my blog, you’ll find a whole new way to keep track of me.  You can add Marriage Confessions to your RSS feed (pleaseandthankyou).  You can have email updates sent to you so you know when I have updated my post.  You can add me to your Yahoo, Bloglines, or Google blog list.  In short, I’m better than a Visa.  Everywhere you want to be, baby.

4.  Contact Me – I now have an official Marriage Confessions email address.  Have some thoughts you’d like to share without having to post a comment?  Have a question on your mind you’ve been dying to ask?  Want to confess your undying cyber-devotion?  Email me at

See?  I’m like your own personal customer service rep.  And you don’t have to wait on the phone with annoying music playing to reach me.  There are now multiple ways to send your shout outs.

And lastly, I will be polling you all soon on a new MARRIAGE CONFESSIONS LOGO!  That’s right.  We’re branding ourselves here at MC, and I’m gonna need your input on what my style should be.  And if you have any ideas for a logo, send them my way!  I’ll credit you, give you blog lovin’, and promise to be your devoted fan for the rest of my life.  So far I have some pretty cute options, so stay tuned for the Big Vote 2009.  Its gonna be bigger than Obama.

Hope you all are down with these changes coming your way.  Just keep a few things in mind.  #1 – I have not sold out to any kind of company, so don’t you worry about postings changing.  You will still have the honor of hearing my innermost thoughts.  Whether you want to or not.  #2 – I will still be the only author of these blog postings.  Unless I can convince Chris to guest post a few times now and then.  Miracles do happen.  #3 – Its gonna be better than ever.  Just you wait and see.

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  1. Ginny

    You’re turning into a professional blogger!!! I love it. Is this your secret plan to work at home once the baby comes?? Cause’ that’d be genius.